Saturday, August 28, 2010

Treat line-up.

Treat time is a social time at my  house. Kitties line up for the delectable morsels and Kane stands back waiting for his share. Yes, he gets cat treats too. It's like me having a 'chocolate' moment. There's nothing better. I believe all cats like Temptations, mine do. I sometimes open a can of salmon and give them each a spoonful. They love that, too.
The most delicious treat is 'Pure Bites Chicken' (Freeze-dried chicken pieces (no additives) Sometimes they can hardly contain themselves and I may even get a swat from Joe.
                                                              "Hey, it's treat time"
 He absolutely has NO MANNERS.

A treat that I leave for my cat-sitting kitties may look something like this - 

Sometimes a treat is not food. Some cats are not over-the-moon about treats. They would prefer a little nip or a scratch under the chin or on the ear. Just your attention and company can be enough for some cats. Like Dominique, lets say. She prefers to just sit by you and bask in your attention to her. Laying on the carpet reading a magazine is just heaven to Dominique.

So, Dominique and I have been to heaven today. I hope you had a wonderful day, too.


  1. A great post!...Joe is a silly boy!...I think your clients are incredibly lucky to have you; I love how you get to know the kitties and their personalities and treat them accordingly...Dominique is a sweetheart!...Hope you enjoy a happy Sunday, Deb.

  2. Charlie loves treats! He goes crazy for Temptations and he also likes Greenies. We call them 'kitty crack'...

  3. Oh yes ~ sometimes a scratch and cuddle are all we need! :)
    xo Catherine