Saturday, August 14, 2010

I get to organize and play with dishes (When I'm done kitty-sittin', of course)

I'm a happy dishaholic today because I am waiting for my newly purchased antique Duncan Phyfe dish cabinet to arrive. You have no idea how badly I need this. I have dishes where dishes don't belong.
I am very organized normally and I need to have things in their place. Mr. Ed managed to break a dish by jumping over it. It didn't belong where it was and neither did he. I salvaged what I could. So....can't wait. I have a spot for it although I am planning to paint our dining-room floor soon. Carpet is gone and the floor is an eye-sore. The only carpets left in the house is in one bedroom and the office. I love painted wood floors.

I will be visiting with Baby today. I dropped in last night to check on her and she looks fabulous. She really did look thinner and healthier. I guess it works for animals too. I posted yesterday that Baby lives outdoors in the summer so caring for her is very different.

Baby's condo

   I  was presented a worm on arrival. I was so flattered I was speechless.
"Your welcome, it was nothing"
We walked around her property awhile and caught up on what's been happening in her life. She's finding that she has more energy after dropping all of 3 lbs. She can climb trees again. She still gets her soft food every morning and her diet kibble. She supplements with mice. She's a happy cat.

It is so hot and humid here still. I drove up and down some country roads and put my cat-sitting brochures in mail-boxes. That's quite a tedious job driving and stopping, driving and stopping. Now I know what it's like to be a country mailman. Kane loved it. He got to be in the air-conditioned car half the day with me and he loves nothing more.
His hair flies like Favio's

"Happy Birthday to our beautiful Brittany. Wishing you everything wonderful and we'll see you at breakfast, Britt." 

Enjoy your day, everyone.


  1. Those are some very pretty dishes you have ~ have fun organizing them ~ I totally understand the enjoyment of reorganizing ~ I might do some of that myself today on this cool and rainy Saturday.

    That is funny about kitty and the worm ~ blah! Haha! I love your 'cat sitting business cards' ~ cute!

    A very Happy Birthday to your Brittany ~ what a beautiful girl. Enjoy your breakfast together.

    Have a fantastic weekend Deb!
    xo Catherine

  2. What a very beautiful Brittany.. Love that picture.. I liked your brochures and the cat condo looks like a good place to be.. Have a good weekend.. Hugs GJ xx

  3. Ha ha...I am known in my home as a dishaholic too...really I have to stay away from all sales. The other day I walked away from some amazing bowls..I was sooo proud of myself.

    Love your sweet images..your cats are adorable. Happy weekend. xoxoxo

    Happy birthday Brittany.

  4. I am sooo jealous you got a worm for a present! So far this week all I've received is the lower half of a lizard, minus most of the tail, LOL! Baby looks like a very happy kitty. My Grayce is a new Cat too after trimming down on the non-kibble diet.

    Have fun with your dishes today and Happy Birthday to Brittany!

  5. I love playing with my dishes. That Baby is a cutie and a worm? you are so lucky! Sweet Kane looks happy riding in the car!

  6. Hello You are from my hometown sort of-I was born and raised in the Nation's capital. what pretty kitties and baby. Thank you for the wishes and stopping by.

  7. I think Baby's outside condo is sooo cute and love it. Although I don't agree with having outdoor cats due to the dangers, I understand Baby comes from a different background and hope that condo has 2 exits/doors? Just in case of wildlife, then she can escape out another way. :)

  8. Very good suggestion, Anonymous.

  9. I know you know I have a Brittany too :)
    Happy Birthday Brittany. Have a wonderful year.
    Deb, just read your post on home cooking for Kane. I also cook for my dogs. I will look into Primerose for Peppers ears. He has one that just keeps getting infected. Not sure why.
    Love the kitty condo, cute. Never had my cats bring me a worm thought, lucky you.
    Fat cat also lost weight. She now can jump up on the chairs and your lap. I'm so proud of her. Come winter though, being in the house, she'll probably put it all back on : ()
    It's a nice rainy day to just sit back and catch up on writing notes and reading books, don't you think Deb?
    I made stew for the dogs yesterday. I put corn in it...not a good idea : (
    Happy Sunday
    Love Claudie