Thursday, August 19, 2010

Some cats are blessed

Today starts with coffee in a tea-cup. I'm still playing with dishes.....Lord, make me stop.

Yesterday seemed rather successful regarding Ebony & new-comer Cally. At least when I arrived they were both sitting in the living-room and not a hair out of place. I fed them in separate rooms and I will continue to do that for awhile. Watching Cally play with a dangly toy filled me with joy for her. How easy it would have been to send her up to our local shelter and be rid of her but her new owners are sensitive, caring and aware of the situation in the summer in shelters and they decided to give her a try. HOW LUCKY IS SHE to be accepted and loved without any question. I went on-line to see what the numbers are at the local shelter and as it stands there are 113 cats. Cally would have been the 114th cat to call a cage a home. Little Belle (a short-haired white, female with dietary issues) is still there waiting for a home. She has been there 10 months. I held Cally and she purred in my arms. Without a doubt in my mind, I believe she knows how lucky she is.

I am caring for Rosie (calico kitty) for 3 days. She's a doll! I will photo her if I can get her to stay still for just one moment. She is a fire-cracker and loves to play fetch. She's another one that likes to snoop in my bag when I arrive. Today it paid off and she had herself a little catnip fish.

I have a question for all dog-owners. I have mentioned in past blogs that my dog, Kane suffers from yeast infection in his ears. We had them cleaned at the vets and they looked good for 3 days. Now the infection is back and although he doesn't scratch too much there is an odour that tells me it is still present. They also look waxy again. My vet tells me it is chronic so I need to find a natural way to keep it under control. He has been on meds before that didn't work, powders that dried things up but it came back, colloidal silver drops in the ears that help a little but not enough and just washing, washing, washing.  Anyone? I need help for this guy. Not only does it feel itchy for him but he smells. I did ask my vet if I should change his diet in any way and she said "No".

I'm looking for all natural remedies. I'll try anything that does not have side effects.

Here's the latest photo of my grand-daughter, Riley. I know "brag..brag...brag..." (can't help it :)


  1. Glad you are having fun playing with all your dishes! :)

    Good luck in finding a remedy to help Kane with his poor ears!

    And brag away grandma ~ your wee Riley is adorable!!!

    Have a terrific Thursday Deb!
    xo Catherine

  2. Pepper has the same thing. The vet said it wasn't an infection, but a wax buildup that really bothers him. We do an ear wash with the stuff they give us. No meds, but it does keep coming back. What's weird is that Pepper's ears are huge and up in the air. No explanations. They always say the little guys with the floppy ears are prone to infections....not mine, only big boy.
    Go figure.
    Let me know is someone helps you with this one Deb.
    Sweet little Riley.

  3. Good luck with all of that...and Riley is getting cuter everyday! ;D

  4. Riley is such a cutie pie! Hope you find a solution to Kane's ears!!

  5. So glad Cally and Ebony are starting to get along; hope they will be great friends...Poor Belle, I hope she finds a loving home soon...Sorry to hear about Kane's ear infection...Riley is really adorable.

  6. My 8 year old dog used to have chronic and recurrent ear infections when she was younger. My holistic vet said that it's usually the first symptom of food allergies. As soon as we eliminated chicken and grains from her diet, her infections went away. Prior to that, our allopathic vet kept on prescribing ear drops to rid the infection, but it kept coming back. I would look into the diet because food allergies can develop at any time especially after constant exposure to it.

  7. I will check with a friend who has similar issues with her dog and get back to you. Just had to tell you my kitty is Rosie and she is a Calico too cute!!