Friday, August 20, 2010

TGIF - Three Gorgeous Incredible Felines

I can't perform miracles, Rosie. It takes a minute to get dinner ready. Now you lie down on the floor and look cute while I perform magic in your kitchen.

"Like this, my most wonderful and delightful cat-nanny?"  "You got it, Rosie." Gosh she's cute!

Isn't Puff too pretty to be a boy? I haven't seen him for awhile and am excited to know I will be caring for him again soon. I'm like the pawpawratsi around this cat. He doesn't mind - he's a bit taken too with his looks. I've caught him in the mirror more than once.

Last night I thought there was a someone in my kitchen. It was the wee hours of the morning and I heard what sounded like a burglar making his dinner. So, I snuck into the kitchen with my camera so I could take a picture of this terrifying thief for the authorities and look who I found in the cat-cupboard whippin' up a new recipe. Rae-Rae was picking out her dishes to make her scrumpdillyishus catserole for her and the gang. "I can't find the can of tuna, nan. It's no good without the tuna." Do excuse the quality of the photo as I was shaking with terror and it's amazing that I was able to take a picture at all. Anyway, I got Rae-Rae all set up for her cook-off and then fell back into bed.  If it turns out she will share with all you kitties in blogland.

"No tuna, nan"

Well, you didn't get a break from me after-all because I have a very smart husband who can fix these annoying computers when they get sick. Now I can go blog-hoppin' after dog-walking. Yah!


  1. Rosie and Puff! I love seeing all the kitties you get to care for.

    Naughty Rae Rae! Now there's a good story once your heart calms down! about a Cat Burglar.

    MomKat Trish

  2. I love seeing Rae Rae in the cupboard! So funny! Love the look of those adorable kitties you get to visit!!

  3. I am somewhat jealous of all the beautiful kitties you get to share your days with and call it work!!...You've got my dream job!...Rosie and Puff are gorgeous babies and Rae Rae in your cupboard is too adorable=she was soooo busted :)!!!...Have a great Saturday, Deb!

  4. aw, so lovely to see our Rosie gracing the blog...obviously she pulls the same old tricks on you though Deb.."Look how lovely my tummy is! Now please fill it with food!" :-) Thanks for always doing such a wonderful job of taking care of our precious girl x