Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Eenie, meenie, mynni, mo & Beautiful Bella

This BIG DECISION took up a good part of my morning visit with the boys. Poor Chase was so confused...which one do I choose? It's not often that a cat has to make a decision and I really threw this guy for a loop. Finally, the blue feather was chosen and within minutes he had chewed it up 'til it was unrecognizable.   Buddy just waited patiently for his brother's decision. He actually nodded off once. .Look at Bud's eyes here. I think he's horrified that he may be stuck with the orange one.

Off to the local pet store for my bi-weekly shopping spree. They LOVE ME there. They keep telling me I should buy stocks in the store.  I'm lucky that my cat-sitting cards are given out to the local people by the staff at this store. 
I have introduced Freya before but I got a nice shot of her today so here she is again. She is the store mascot.

Ain't she sweet!
On my way out I looked up to see this beauty trying to catch my attention. Oh my gosh, she was a pretty one. She has been brought in from our local pound to be featured in the store in hopes of getting her a new home. Her name is Bella. Any takers? This store has two very large cages that they use to help out our animal control officer find homes for the many cats that are picked up in our area. It is quite a large area and our local pound is always full. Dogs & cats. The kennel has a website but it is not maintained very well and that is all the advertising these animals get. The store owner picks up 2 or 3 cats and places them in the store until they are adopted. Over the last few years they have found homes for more than 150 cats this way.

Hope you all have a great day.


  1. How wonderful it is that your pet store helps adopt out pets ~ this would be a very good store to shop in! And the store mascot is adorable! :)

    Hope you are having a great week Deb!
    xo Catherine

  2. Beautiful kitties are everywhere in your world, I love it!!...Have a great day, Deb.

  3. Such pretty the one at the store! :D

  4. Love those Dilute Calicos! What little divas :) We have one that only loves my husband. I guess she knows who's out working to pay the bills every day :)