Sunday, August 15, 2010

In search of a wet cat and introducing one lucky kitty.

May I introduce Cally. This is the cat that appeared at the door of one of my client's homes last week. Cally was looking for help because she was either lost or dumped. I think dumped because these people live on a dead-end road, in the country. I know all too well about people who dump cats. This little tyke is also declawed. Now, you would think that a declawed cat belongs to owners who don't mind spending the extra money to 'mutilate' their cat and would never dump it. Well, that is not always the case. The people who took Cally in have placed posters, called Animal Control, all the vet clinics in the area, all the pet stores in the area and have walked the road asking people about this cat. No-one is missing her. Now these people have left for holidays and have been so kind to take Cally into their home and let me cat-sit her along with their cat, Ebony. When they return if no-one has reported her missing, they will adopt her. She is beautiful, sweet natured, clean, quiet, trying to get along well with the other cat and.....well, she's the full package. I hope she has a home right here. I am just lovin' this sweet girl. I'll keep you posted on her future.

We are having heavy thunderstorms, lightening & rain these last 24 hours. If you follow my blog you are aware of little Baby that lives outside in the summer season. I spent time with her yesterday and got her all set up for the night with food, water, and clean bedding in her house (which does have a back exit, for those who mentioned their concern). What I did not know was that we were in for a storm. Now Baby has many, many shelters including a garage where she can stay dry but I woke up to a loud *BOOM* and my first thought was...."Oh crap, Baby is out in this." I got up early and went straight out to find her but she was no-where to be found. "BABY.....BABY"...nothing. No Baby & I looked like a drowned gerbil. I left food and water and came home. The decision was made to add one n/c visit just to satisfy my own feelings and go out again tonight. I found her and put her in the house with a litter-box, food, water and a warm blankie. She looked very relieved. I think the thunder scared the whiskers off her. When I carried her in to the dry, warm house. I think she was smiling :) She's staying there until the weather changes for her own sake and because I don't look good in flat hair.

Here's Riley today with Auntie Jess. Apparently, Riley slept through the storm last night.

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. I sure did.  We celebrated a birthday, I got a new play-toy (for my dishes) and I made plans to visit with my good friend, Mary in September. Can't wait!


  1. Poor Baby!!! I am so glad you got her inside! Big storms are scary when you are inside much less out in them. You are the best to think of your clients all the time.

  2. I am so happy this cat has found a good home...well, soon to be good home!

  3. Hurrah for Cally! That scenario plays out badly all to often. I know, several of our kitties are former dumpees.

    Poor Baby, storms are bad enough INSIDE! I wouldn't risk flat hair or her, either. You are a great Cat-Nanny to endure a fashion "faux paw" for a client!

    Happy Monday!

  4. I am so glad Cally found a loving home with your clients; she is a beauty...Also, relieved you found Baby and got her inside=bad thunderstorms are scary and I'm sure she was so happy to see you come to her rescue...You are a wonderful person and your clients (their babies) are so lucky to have you, Deb...Happy week with adorable Riley!!

  5. I am glad you got baby indoors. That sweet sweet kity, how could someone dump her. I hope she gets to stay at the loving home she is in now.. Hugs GJ xx