Thursday, August 19, 2010

Baby, "bye bye"

One last hug for Baby before bidding her farewell. My last visit (for now) was this morning and I will miss this darling, brave little girl. She says not to worry about her because she runs faster, climbs further and enjoys the howls of the neighbor dogs who protect her from the wildness of her life. "Stay well and stay slim, little Baby".

Rosie girl was my next stop and she was right ready for breakfast. She has lost some weight also recently although I didn't think she needed to but her vet did. She really enjoys her food so climbing my leg got me popping the can even faster than normal. She is a darling cat and so beautiful to look at. I will enjoy her for a few days.

Off to see Ebony & Cally who are tolerating each other quite nicely. They love company too and Cally especially loves to be carried around. We still have a week to go so I am thinking about bringing some special toys for them to play with. Nothing worse than boredom, right?
(picture from the net)
Starting tomorrow I have the bunnies for a few days. This is rather unexpected since I only see them at Easter usually but that's fine, I look forward to seeing them. I asked their owner if there was any changes with the bunnies. She said only one. That the biggest bunny has a new litter box because he ate the other one. Okey-dokey!

Kane & I headed over to pick up my sign for the car and landed home just minutes before it started to rain. Not a bad, scary rain that would have me head back out to put Baby in. Just a summer rain that will water my flowers so I don't have to do it. I think I need new flowers soon at the front of the house. Some of mine look ill and fall flowers are the finest.

Have a purr-fect weekend everyone. I will be off-line for awhile as my computer needs some attention. I'll miss you, for sure.


  1. All the kitties look so good and happy. I am needing some new fall flowers also. Mine are looking so droopy, the heat has taken its toll.

  2. Baby is a beauty, I wish her well...Wow, a bunny that ate the litter box??...Good luck with that one, Deb!...Hope you have a happy weekend with your lovely family and your adorable cat sitting friends!

  3. Good luck to kitty!!!

    How funny that one bunny ate through the litter box. I hope you get lots of photos of them.

    Hopefully your computer doesn't need too much fixing ~ computer problems are such an annoyance.

    I look forward to your return Deb! Take care.
    xo Catherine

  4. Bye Baby! Hello Bunnies! You sure do have interesting visitors.
    We are getting ready to switch out our flowers too. It's such a strange thing- it's sad that summer is wanning, but happy because autumn is wonderful. One thing- we sure won't miss the hots!
    Have a great weekend with your guests!