Monday, May 13, 2013

Dessert first, then the pub

It was dessert first
(orange loaf cake, black-berry scones, cookies & tea/coffee)
and a few pics at home
and then off to the Ashton Pub for lunch with Natalie, Gordon, Ronna & Richard.

Gordon, Richard and the retired-guy
These girls are not only gorgeous but tall, too.  Can you see me?
Everyone enjoyed a great meal at a fine pub that Natalie noted was the closest thing to a real pub that she has found in Canada in years.
Good friends

The Ashton Pub in Beckwith, Ontario.
Great atmosphere.
We recommend it if you are in the area.

Gordon took this. I love it.
We are looking over the Mississippi.

We stopped in to the Ashton General Store and met 'General' the shop cat.

And Audrey did behave herself at home, by the way. 

"Yes,  you did."

She was quite respectful and showed a bit of class this time. I guess Aunt Lily's lecture worked.

Drop over and visit Natalie at & Ronna at
hugs, Deb


  1. A great time was had by all. What a wonderful day. Thanks for sharing your time, introducing us to Gary (who Richard loved talking to!) and that fabulous pub and general store. Fun!!

  2. I have it on my Bucket List! What a glorious day with friends...and I would have begun with dessert first too!

    1. YOu can have a tour of my farm, too. Free honey and eggs! ;)

  3. Looks like quite the lovely day! That pub looks like a pub, fantastic!!

  4. LIke Ronna said! A great day. We're looking forward to seeing you again. Audrey was very friendly to me! :)))

  5. What a great time spent with dear friends! That´s a blessing!
    What a delicious dessert table! and the pub looks terrific! my son, Juan who plays celt music and loves everything related with Ireland would love it. Sometimes he goes to a pub called The Clover in downtown Buenos Aires with some friends.
    "General" you are a handsome boy! And Audrey you are my spoiled girl and I bet your behaviour is improving cause you have the most patient and sweetest protocolo teacher at home!

  6. That pub looks awesome! So glad you guys were able to meet up and had a nice time :)

  7. I love to meet catlovers!!!!!!!!
    Beautiful photos!!!!!

  8. I love the pretty cups in the first picture. Such pretty colors! Audrey is beautiful too.

  9. I'd rather like a pub like that!

    And Audrey has a reputation to maintain. Saying that she behaved tarnishes that reputation.

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  11. Dessert first....I like that idea! Lovely table setting in the first photo.

  12. What a great time with friends! It is always so much fun to visit places with lots of character! Your tea looks so yummy! Have a wonderful week!

  13. Looks like a great day out. Friends and food are good for the soul.

  14. What a fun trip and great pictures. Have a great day.