Thursday, May 30, 2013

Randomness and a summer look

I had a visitor last night where I place food for a few feral cats. No, not someone chasing me out of there yelling "and stop feeding stray cats" but a calm, quiet little visitor who caught my attention while she watched me with interest. Look to the right of the photo.
 Every-time I see a deer up close it is like the first time all over again.
Their beauty and their stillness makes everything else fade away for a moment. She only took flight once I started moving around more.

I'm out of freeze-dried chicken treats today and Audrey is fading by the minute. I'm not sure I will have time to shop so please keep her in your thoughts.

                                                    "Help me someone..I'm so weak"

Yep, I'm still in the cupboard...
My cupboard is back to its' summer look. I love blue and white dishes and plan to add to my collection. 
This look I can live with for a long time.

Something is missing...
My Spirea bush provided me with beautiful flowers.
That's better.

I've been having trouble writing posts lately. But now, the wireless keyboard seems to word again - must have been  all that cat hair stuck between the keys!

Thanks to a chubby one named Annie who now holds the title of  'office cat.'

I'm joining Feathered Nest Friday at & Anything Blue at
hugs, Deb


  1. Audrey, hang on sweety..we all love you...hang can make it! Jane x
    I've seen hoof prints this year but no deer,they are such sweet gentle creatures aren't they?
    Jane x

  2. Random thoughts are good! Love Audrey's look...I've seen that one before:-D

  3. Hahaha! Just LOVE the over-acting 'poor starving" Audrey ;)

    And yes, Office Cats are hazardous to keyboards... especially when they randomly type whilst I am not looking. I have three that love to jaunt across it. Or stand in front of it totally blocking my view of the screen. Hard to ignore them that way, I guess.

    I love the deer photo! They are majestic...

  4. Annie, Little Peach, The Office Cat! I like that! I am glad she is so happy and loved there.
    The deer is so beautiful! They are truly an amazing animal to catch a glimpse of. Always breathtaking!
    Thoughts going out to AA.
    Lily, WA, USA

  5. Your blue dishes are so pretty...and I love that white flower. My cats love those freeze dried treats too :)

  6. Audrey looks like a drama queen in that shot...

    and I love your cupboards... and cups!!

  7. Poor Audrey!

    What's that little kitty inspired item in the midst of the cupboard shots?

    And it's always a pleasure to see deer.

  8. Just catching up and rather smitten with all your pretty dishes! I just realized I could follow you (after HOW long?) so maybe I'll be a more regular visitor -- I always love coming!

    Audrey is quite chichi in that photo!

  9. Very nice cup sets! Specially i like your kitty...she's so cute! I have posted my cat's pics on Pet Pics.

  10. Bellissima la tua collezione di tazze!

  11. We have deer coming right into the centre of our city. I've seen them on my neighbour's front lawn at three a.m., and at eleven a.m. in the alley behind the apartment building where I lived. I don't know how they get out of town again at such an hour, or whether they hide out until dark. But in any case, such strong and lithe creatures are wonderful to see.

  12. Oh poor Audrey! I hope she I love seeing deer too; they are so graceful. Pretty cups and cupboard. Visiting from Anything Blue party.

  13. Pobre Audrey =)
    She is a saint for putting up with this sort of behavior! ;)
    How lovely to see a deer--they are so elegant-like stillness

  14. Deers are so lovely..they seem so delicate, elusive and shy I am glad you could see one so near...I wonder if where you are standing is a road or a street and he or she could cross it..I hope not!
    Ja,ja! Audrey you are a varieté artist!! You have to perform in the Actor´s Studio!
    Spirea flowers are so beautiful! like Annie who is the best sweet secretary at home♥

  15. Did the retired guy take that shot of you and the deer? I love it! Love the spirea too. I have that in my garden and it's my fav.

    Love my own little blue tulip cup! I am going to put mine out on display now that I've got my kitchen redecorated. I bought a little shelf!

  16. Hi Natalie - yes, he came along when I was feeding the ferals and we both got to see this gorgeous beast. I'm looking forward to seeing your shelf decorated. Has my dishaholicism started to rub off...hahaha!