Sunday, May 26, 2013

A quiet Sunday? Nope!

It's Sunday morning and fresh lilacs have the house smelling heavenly.

They are competing with the just-baked banana bread, banana chocolate chip muffins and the cookies that are cooling in the kitchen.
I'm supposed to be Spring cleaning and instead the desire to bake took over.
Oh well, now there is something to go with tea breaks when I actually do get at it.
I knew there was a reason.

Come along...

I figured you would like to see some of my kitty-clients from this weekend.
It's been busy and I have loved every minute of it.  

Champions of dancing the figure 8
M'ladies Didi & Emi
Emma is diabetic and she is the poster cat for anyone who cares for her.
As long as she has a few treats to focus on during her injection, she doesn't even flinch. She sits on a towel, starts to munch away on her treats and then I do the pokey-poke. Along where my finger is is the area where the insulin is injected. I alternate right and left side.

Jenny is ancient (much like our old Ed) and has just had a hair cut.
She thought she looked like a rock star and wanted to parade herself around the garden area. She wanted OUT! (in her fenced yard, of course) but the instructions are for her to stay in. I explained all this to her but she wanted nothing to do with it. I stood my ground. Then, I was dead to her.

Willow demonstrated some of her yoga moves and eventually fell off the chair.

and sweet Parker
I just want to hug him constantly.
We play ball on the stairs.
He goes nuts!

So, as you can see I was busy.
This loaf of, 'the best banana bread ever',  seriously, that's what its' called,  is getting wrapped up and delivered to my oldest. She is six months pregnant, a busy teacher, many errands to run and NO TIME TO BAKE.
That's where mom comes in.
We are off to the property to cut the grass and clear some brush.
(Guess why I bought these paper napkins?)

Now, I'd love for you to pop over to visit Christina who has designed very cleverly a royal bed for her kitty, Chloe. This is a real treat, you'll enjoy it.

hugs, Deb


  1. I just love your cat photos. Our 'Rose' (like Jenny)is getting ready to have her hair cut. She can be a cranky ol' lady and they will have to sedate her, but she rather likes it after the fact. Not having 'knots' puts her in a much better mood.

  2. So many things to comment about! Let me sum it up by saying: WONDERFUL post!

  3. I,ve just had a great catch up ...interesting about broccoli ...and those Hollyhocks brought back memories, no idea why we rarely see them. Had to smile at Williw falling off the chair ...our Felix does that.Jenny's hair cut made me smile and the banana bread looked so yummy ...thanks for sharing.

  4. I could smell all those baking aromas as I was reading your blog! Yummy! It must be very reassuring for cat owners in your area to know they can go away and their pussycats are well looked after, especially when they are diabetic too. What a well behaved cat! I can tube feed birds but I don't think I could inject any of my cats. Too scared!

    Parker looks a real character - he's my fav!!

    Linda xx

  5. You have been busy in the kitchen Deb. Your bakes sound delicious! Wishing you a happy Memorial day.

    Your cats looks sweet as ever :-)

    Madelief x

  6. They are adorable kitties. And banana bread is so very, very, very tempting....

  7. These are all such sweet kitties and almost all gray and white.

  8. I just love it that you take photos of all your charges - and thankful that you share them with us. How sweet they are! And yes, I can see why you bought the napkins... too cute!

  9. So many pretty cats! I always love to see your kitty clients!

  10. I love lilacs
    and home baked goods.
    Your home must smell like heaven indeed =)
    Poor Jenny-nowhere to strut her punk rock look....;)

  11. My lilacs are in bloom too and their fragrance, along with the Mock Orange just makes walking in the garden heaven. I deliver lots of baked goods to friends here, but wishing I was close to my family too.
    Your "clients" are just gorgeous and I was thinking how lucky they are to have you. Happy Memorial Day, XOXO

  12. Didi you have the most beautiful round aquamarine eyes. Emmi you are an angel and have the best cat nurse ever. Jenny you rock with that haircut and you Parker and my Felipe are alike!
    And Jess is lucky to have the most helpful and lovely mum♥

  13. Kitties are adorable and all very special!
    I love banana bread!! Can't beat it and healthy for you!!

  14. Love the cute napkins and that bread looks wonderful! I adore all cats and your photos are great.

  15. Thanks so much for featuring my link-
    I really enjoy all your delightful cat (and non cat) photos!