Friday, May 24, 2013


I remember these flowers from my youth. My grandmother had some growing at the side of her little clap-board farm house. I wish I had a photo of her gardens. These are all from the internet.
I remember them being much taller than any of the kids that would be playing around outside.
Their beauty framed the old windows to the kitchen
I do believe they were one of my grandmother's favorite flowers.
Aren't they gorgeous!
I guess most people planted them around windows so they could be enjoyed inside and out.
I loved the black hollyhock.
With their gold centers I found them absolutely captivating.

Bees and wasps were familiar visitors to her gardens. She loved her flowers.

It's pouring here today. After cat-sitting,  I am off to look at kitchen cupboard designs. Onwards and upwards.
                                                   "Oh Audrey, for crying out loud."

hugs, Deb


  1. I wondered what was going on when I saw your title. "Oh Hollyhocks" was what my Dad used to say instead of swearing!
    I love hollyhocks too, funny how they remind me of my grandma too..those and Michelemas daisies.
    Jane x

  2. I see Audrey is helping to decorate (redecorate). I love Hollyhocks and remember them from my Granny's garden, too.

  3. The hollyhocks are pretty. Lovely images! Have a happy weekend!

  4. Hollyhocks are such a pretty flower--you found some great pictures! The cat under the tablecloth makes me laugh--my cats are not allowed on the table..that doesn't mean they don't get on it anyway. :)

  5. Hollyhocks are one of my favorites and I associate them too with my grandmother and mother's gardens. I use to have beautiful ones in my own garden in Connecticut, but haven't tried them here in Washington. These look magnificent against the brick wall, XOXO

  6. That beautiful hollyhocks framing the old windows seem Beatrix Potter's drawings! You remind me of my grandma who used to plant Sweet peas against a rustic wall we have here at home so colourful and lovely!
    Naughty Audrey I think you found a good shelter from rain "Under the lilacs"

  7. Good Afternoon Debs, I remember my Nan and Gramps growing Hollyhocks in their garden aswell. I think they were a very popular plant at the time, they went out of fashion and are now back in fashion. The other flowers they grew were dahlias and gladioli.
    I am waiting for my hollyhocks to grow as it is still very cold here in England.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Best Wishes

  8. My Grandma had them in her kitchen garden, they were some of here faves, too.

  9. I think they were in the garden when I was a child.

    Audrey! Bad kitty!

  10. I love hollyhocks! I have some of those black ones in my garden. :)

  11. What lovely photos of hollyhocks. Our neighbors had some and they seeded themselves about 100 years away to our home! We had some of the very dark black-maroon ones that were very beautiful. If there are some there this summer, I would love to send you seed for them and fox gloves, too, if you would like. If it could travel from the neighbor’s to our home by wind or bird, it should be able to travel by mail from our home to yours! Once you are there, you could easily grow them again at your Grandmother’s place... and remember all the more!
    Enjoy the cabinet hunt!
    AA, indeed!
    Lily, WA, USA

  12. I never knew these what these gorgeous flowers were that I would see in other people's I know! Wonderful flowers.


  13. So, Audrey, what can we help you with? I am growing the black hollyhocks for the first time. My neighbor has ravishing red double hollyhocks which after looking at hers, I may have to try. Mary A

  14. Are there thunder boomers out there scaring Audrey?

    1. Might be. There have been many the last three days.

  15. I just love hollyhocks. Are they hard to grow?


  16. Love your Blog. Your love for cats, family, flowers and the like are right up our ally. We will visit you on a regular basis. From

  17. Shhhh, no one can see Audrey under that cloth. I used to call Hollyhocks 'old lady' flowers. Now that I'm (ahem) mature, I wouldn't mind having some of those.

  18. Hollyhocks! I haven't seen them in ages and am reminded how much I love them. Why I ever moved to this wretchedly hot, dry climate beats me but I'm stuck now. It will be so wonderful when your Gran's land is again full of flowers and a new generation of children can enjoy these particular beauties.

  19. Oh Audrey! You are just like my Dakotah - always UNDER the table cloth!

    And I remember Hollyhocks at my parent's home when I was young too - must have been quite the popular flower back then!