Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Kane was walked early today, before the heat took over, and then I went for a second walk by myself. Our weather is much warmer than what we normally feel in May but I hear it will be cooling off in a day or two. I'm hoping to get back to meeting up with Sue from  Just Sayin'  and doing our 5km walk 3x a week.

On my second walk I came across this little beauty sitting on her porch looking rather bored.

I expect she is put out in the morning and left for the day until the owners return from work.

Well, I took her mind off her boredom for 20 minutes or so as I sat with her and gave her a little massage.

I placed her in the shade before I left so she would not get a sun burn on those little ears or her nose.
White cats have a high rate of skin cancer caused by the sun, also.
Skin cancer in white cats is due to excessive sun exposure. This is because white cats lack the protective pigment that other cats have. Skin cancer most frequently occurs on the tips of the ears, sparsely haired areas around the ear base and the eyelids. Also the tip of the nose. The worst time for sun exposure is between 10am and 2pm.

Audrey is a happy in-door cat and I am glad about that. She has no interest in going outside. Her window seats and the cat-tree at the patio door keep her amused and content. I can imagine she would be a holy terror in the great out-doors. Not a bird would be safe.

When I return from a walk she greets me and sometimes I even get what looks like a smile.

"A smile...she's dreamin' "

UNTIL...she gets a whiff of the strange cat on my hand.

"Why I oughta..."
I then get the cold shoulder for awhile

 Just long enough to have a cup of tea in peace.
hugs, Deb


  1. I didn't know white cats were more susceptible to UV rays. I guess that fella shouldn't go out until later in the day. How like you to keep him company for awhile. He'll be watching for you now

  2. Yes, Kitties can get skin cancer. We adopted a sweet Orange and White cat with the completion of a red head who had spent his first 7 years of life as an outside only cat in the high elevations of the Nevada desert. The sun is very strong and hot there! We were told by the previous owner to keep an eye out for skin cancer. We did. He had many suspect spots removed on ears and lips in his 5 1/2 years with us. But after many surgeries of “getting it all”, the Vet. didn’t. Some was left and grew again. Then he was not able to be saved one more time when the cancer grew so that it could finally be seen on his face. It was too late. His name was Oranges... greatly loved and still missed so much even after 15 months. He always will be both.
    Lily, WA, USA

  3. I couldn't refrain from commenting. Exceptionally well written!

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  4. I always wondered why my daughter puts sunscreen on her white Pom. What a sweet cat that is. I used to have one as a young adult that looked just like her..named Marshmellow. She was a sweetie. She was only in the house thankfully because I didn't know about the cancer problem. Makes sense. thanks for sharing!

  5. Beautiful new friend you've made. I'm laughing at Audrey. Cassie is still giving Teddy the what for after his ER visit ... guess he still smells like *THAT* place!

  6. Audrey reminds me of my cat Kaboodle. She can give me THE LOOK! The white cat sure was soft looking. Hope you have a nice day.

  7. I'm sure the porch cat's day was made brighter by your visit.
    Jane x

  8. Oh what a sweetie! I can't imagine leaving my three cats outside all day... I would be too worried about their safety!

    So great of you to show him some love...

    But that look on Audrey's face is priceless! Ha!

  9. Wow--you've been found out! Beautiful white cat--I could never leave a cat outdoors.

    My two cats came from a no kill shelter and I volunteer for that shelter regularly. The cats are used to me smelling like other cats when I come through the door. Doesn't even phase them.

  10. I'm so glad that both my boys are indoor cats! The white one is a beauty for sure and appreciated the head rubs!

  11. THe LOOKS Audrey gives. Oh my!!

  12. She certainly doesn't like that you've been paying attention to other kitties....