Thursday, May 16, 2013

staging blue eggs & tabby-love

My beautiful boys, Bud and Chase.
I have been caring for them this week and left them this morning enjoying the birds and squirrels at their trees. These boys do go outside but not while they are being cared for by their 'strict' cat-sitter.
No going outside on my watch. I make sure they have lots to do by keeping them happy at their windows,  providing lots of toys and treats and checking on them regularly. I love these two tabbies and Buddy has not been feeling well lately so I have been even more protective of them. Today, I saw a big improvement in his health and came home feeling much more relieved.

Breakfast this morning was french toast and local maple syrup. I am making good use of my blue eggs and cannot believe how wonderful they taste.

 I think they are so pretty that they were staged in my step-back cupboard with my blue and white.

This tea-cup was given to me for Mother's Day many years ago and travelled all the way from South Korea.
My daughter, Jess taught school there for a year and found this in a little market. It is my favorite tea-cup.

My tulips are fading but still so beautiful.

It is a gorgeous day here in Ontario and Kane and I are heading out for a walk and bringing along the camera.

Have a great day.
Note to fb friends...I have not been able to comment, like or post any words for awhile now. Not sure what is going on. fb is annoying.

hugs, Deb


  1. A friend, in Connecticut, gave me some years ago and I chose to "blow" out the centers. Now, I display them every Easter and think of her, lovingly.
    The Tabbies are gorgeous...enjoy your walk, dear friend, XOXO

  2. Hope your walk was lovely. Nothing better than a fresh egg -- amazing how good they taste! Nice to see your Korean teacup make an appearance.

  3. Those eggs are so lovely! Like Susan, I was going to say I would blow them out and keep them in a nest display. You are such a good cat-sitter - Bud and Chase are lucky to have you watching out for them!

  4. French toast is another of life's great pleasures.

    And those two are very handsome fellows.

  5. I bet Bud and Chase will plead for you to look after them the next time their owners go away!!

    Lovely eggy vignette - cool blues

    Linda xx

  6. The blue eggs are beautiful! Glad the boys are all feeling better! Enjoy your day!


  7. Relieved to hear Buddy is feeling better. We've grown attached to these sweeties too!
    The eggs are exquisite. Blue! Who would have thought!
    They'd make killer soft boiled eggs! Imagine getting served one of there elegant beauties, if you eat eggs.
    Kiss the kitties for us.

  8. Those sweet Tabbies are adorable! Hope you enjoyed your walk :)

  9. So glad to hear Buddy is feeling better! It must be hard to leave them when he was not.
    Love the Blue Eggs again!
    Lily, WA, USA

  10. Pretty pics, Deb! The eggs look great with your china. I love the mug that travelled from S. K.!

  11. Love the blue eggs. The cats are always charming. We hope to go to the shelter which has odd hours and get a kitten in the next two weeks.