Monday, May 27, 2013

Stop and smell the lilacs.

While the retired-guy cut the grass, I stopped to smell the flowers.
There were three healthy bushes of lilacs; one a soft purple, a deep purple and a white.
The soft purple is at the gate to the property.
The darker purple and the white lilacs are along the front fence.
I just love these bushes.

And what a surprise to come across deer tracks next to the new well location.

Fresh deer tracks. I never imagined deer on this property as there is a house next door and a farm on the other side. I don't remember ever seeing a deer wandering around here; even as a child. I suppose they came from the back forty and like myself, decided to stay awhile.

It was perfect weather for working outside today.
We cleared a path to the back along the stone fence and dragged out some small dead trees. There were also dead vines, oddly located saplings and rocks to move.

The old tractor worked like a charm. The retired-guy made mention that he was six years older than the tractor but had much fewer lines on his face. Ha!

You could tell he was getting bored by this time.

That's better. Now I can see where the ground hog holes are.

And what did you do all morning while I was gone, Audrey?

"You were gone?"

hugs, Deb


  1. I wouldn't trust Audrey...she may look all sweet and innocent but I bet she's been up to something.
    Jane x

    1. Don't worry...I check all the most obvious places.

  2. Looks like you've got thick enough woods along one side for deer to shelter in. It's more likely to see them out in the open at dawn.

    Audrey was working on the definitive tome of how to take a nap by engaging in primary research.

  3. Oh, Audrey! Your Mom was out enjoying the lilacs and you just napped???!!!! Hard to believe. When I leave the house all three line up and give me THE look ---"going out ... again".


  4. MOL Audrey! She tells it like it is, doesn't she?

  5. Love the lilacs! It's too hot here in the south to grow them :( Oh that Audrey!


  6. I can almost smell the lilacs ... wish I had a white one. Only have a soft purple that I didn't even plant. Years ago it "came along for the ride" with some iris plants from my parent's yard! Am I glad it did!

    Just waiting for our blossoms to appear.

    And Audrey? Has that angelic face down to a tee.

  7. Your last photo brings a chuckle from me!
    Lilacs were my mother's favorite. I've never grown white before.

  8. Lilacs are such a magickal flower, what a dreamy aroma, and a lovely old-fashioned feeling!!

  9. I love the smell of lilacs too. Ours are just starting to bloom!
    xo Catherine

  10. Hi Deb! Oh, what a beautiful area around you! I'm sure the lilacs smell so good and they are so pretty! Congrats to you too on another little grandbaby to come. Just thrills my heart! :)
    Loved your Ruby snap on FB.
    Be a sweetie,
    Sheila ;)

  11. Lilacs and a stone wall. A squeeeeable picture by anyone's book.

    I love that tractor! If the retired guy continues with it's proper care and maintenance, Bradley will be driving that tractor, with his children looking on.

  12. I love the scents of spring, especially the flowering bushes and trees. Lilacs are my favourite. There was a bush beside my house when I was a tiny boy. The fragrance of lilacs always reminds me of my childhood.

  13. That property is just beautiful! How can you bear to ever leave it?

  14. What lovely lilacs! They are probably my favorite flowering bush. They smell heavenly!