Friday, December 28, 2018

Snippets of Christmas.

In the blink of an eye it was over.
And the cats are moving even less these days after regular meals plus a smidgen of turkey in between. How can they be so lazy? :-b

We enjoyed all five of the grands over Christmas. The excitement of new toys and normally forbidden treats had them spinning. And the meals that my son-in-law and son and daughter-in-law cooked were superb. We were very spoiled this year. And any time spent with my kids is gold.
                                                My girls

Brunch at my son's home

                                             Our five grands.

The days following boxing day were quiet and a time for me to put much of Christmas back in the boxes. When you live in a small space you can only look at it for so long and then you crave quiet spaces again. The tree will stay up for awhile or until Wilson destroys it.
Although right now he's not doing much of anything.

We have had snow, rain, freezing rain and up and down temperatures for days now. It is just so typical for a Canadian Christmas.
Today it is mild with rain falling. The ice is treacherous and best to be avoided.

My critters have been well cared for over the holidays and even received a gift from a friend to enjoy. Thank you Susan from Tales from the Raspberry Patch.
The wreath was a big hit and to make sure they get to enjoy it for awhile I bring it in at night and away from the bandit hands of our resident raccoons. They would easily remove it from the branch and high-tail it to the wood-lot.

Cat-sitting was fun over the Christmas holidays. I will show you some of my charges in my next post because this one is long enough and I don't want to bore you. =^..^= (is that possible my cat-loving friends?)

I have a special blogging friend to send a "thank-you" to this Christmas. Henny from Henny Penny Lane gifted me a beautiful hand-made clothespin doll; the sweetest thing ever.
She is so pretty with long brunette hair and a gorgeous pilgrim dress made only more beautiful with a bird apron and bonnet. Henny makes the body in the shape of a  wooden clothespin. Imagine! 
She also sent me a sweet bag holder that I will photograph next time. It is so pretty for a pantry. All hand made by Henny. She is so talented. She seems to be able to turn a hand to anything if you read her fun blog. Do pop over and meet her and Poppy. My linky thing isn't working but you can find her at Henny Penny Lane.
I will treasure this, Henny and she will live in my new kitchen soon.

It is dark today so the photo is dull but I will soon have a bright picture to share.

                                                            She's as cute as a button.

I hope you enjoyed Christmas. I'm wishing 2019 to be the best year yet for all of us.

be kind, Deb


  1. I loved seeing your Christmas pictures of your beautiful family. Your daughters look like they could be twins! The kid's table takes me back as I remember sitting at the kid's table at my Grandmother's house. I swear, that Wilson cracks me up - he knows how to relax! What a cute gift from Henny. I agree, she is the sweetest person and has a wonderful blog. Stay warm Deb! xx

  2. It all looks so festive Deb...Happy New YEAR 2019

  3. Oh, your girls are so lovely and much like you -- and what cute grands! And Winston! Now, that looks like one happy kitty! The wreath is fabulous and Henny very talented. What a wonderful holiday you had!

  4. You have beautiful daughters, just like you! and what a table full of the cutest grandchildren! Who did the naturally curly hair come from? It is so pretty! I laughed out loud at Wilson's feet. He is the funniest cat! and what a perfect name! Oh Deb, thank you for the mention. I have zero talent, but thank you. Love, Henny

  5. It looks like you had a good Christmas. Wilson's sleeping like that pretty much matches what I felt like by day's end yesterday.

  6. Good to hear you had a happy Christmas :)
    Now we get ready for another New Year.
    Nancy and the kitties

  7. Lovely pics! I had to think a minute looking at them and then realized that this was your son's home and not the mouse house or new house under construction. Glad you had a wonderful Christmas with your family.

  8. What a fun and happy time you must have had. All the tasty food you must have had to eat - but then I am always thinking of food.

    Yes, the weather sounds bad. In that part of the country it seems to be more of the traditional winter weather. Right now, it is blowing a gale here, a southern Alberta Chinook; everything is brown and grey...

  9. Wilson was letting it all hang out! We love seeing your photos!
    Happy Mew Year!

  10. What a beautiful family you have Deb, your Christmas sounded perfect !
    Your little handmade doll from Henny is the cutest and lovliest I have ever seen, what a sweet gift.
    Here's wishing you and yours a Happy and Healthy New Year....

  11. A lovely year on your blog! I thank you for all the photos this past year and the love of cats, birds and all wild life that you share with us. Hugs.

  12. Your Christmas time was amazing :)
    And I really love the doll you got! You have really talented friend :)
    I wish you everything well for 2019 :)

  13. Do you think you're overworking Wilson?? It takes a lot of energy to be as cute as he is! Love your clothespin doll!

  14. Hi Deb, Today I was looking through some of my recipe files and came across several from you. Thank you for sharing them and news of your life with us here in your blog.
    I hope all is going well for you and the family in 2019 and that the build is also going well.
    Thanks again for your life here in blog land. It has been a joy for me to share.