Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Bye, bye February.

Annie xo
Audrey xo 
she is doing so well
almost two months with no seizures. :)))
We had her levels checked today and will see 
if we can bring down the amount of drug daily.

I think she is saying "thank you" for the sun-puddle today.

Wow...that has been some winter we have had; almost five months of snow and ice. Lots of ice. But this week we have been having some amazing spring-like weather here in Ontario. It's been well above seasonal temperatures and lots of glorious sun. And best of all the snow is melting away.

And there has been much activity around our feeders this week. Spring is certainly in the air.

Our resident chickadees are happy, healthy and full of beans these mornings. It is common now to have them fly right over and land on my hand for a quick taste of what's to come in their bird feeders. Some are still shy but some are very bold. :)
 I will never get tired of this. It is always such a thrill to feel them land on my hand. :) Those teeny little feet.
Aren't they so beautiful.

And if anyone is a violet lover, well, just look at these beauties.

Three out of my six plants are bursting with blooms. The others will soon catch up. Another sign of spring. 

And a sign that made me smile today...Simon and friends were out and about at the old pump. I expect to see them at the feeders tomorrow if this weather continues.

Hope you are seeing signs of spring, too.

hugs, Deb


  1. The birds are quite used to you!

    Always lovely to see Audrey and Annie.

  2. Snow and ice are melting here, too. I have a feeling that we'll still have some snow in southern Alberta - probably the wet, heavy kind - but maybe we're done with the worst of it.

    I'm very glad to read of Audrey's continued good health. What a blessing.

  3. How wonderful to hear from you and especially with so much good news! I am thankful Audrey continues to improve and I hope the reduction of her meds goes well. It is always so amazing to see the sweet little chickadees in your hand! You are magic with all animals and birds! Doesn't the sunshine just brighten everything up especially after a long, dark winter. What good news to hear that you saw Simon and his friends. How can anyone not love that little guy!

  4. so glad Audrey is still improving!
    sunshine yay! we are having too much sun here lol though we just did enjoy 4 days of cool & wet!
    they don't call it mowing season for nothing lol!
    birds are so cute, they are used to you now
    stay warm
    thanx for sharing

  5. According to the weather people, to~day
    is the first day of Spring...looking out
    the window it's white as white, covered
    in snow, and worse in other parts of the
    country...with an 'orange' snow warning
    for tomorrow, down here in the south!
    So..that's it for me..baton down the
    hatches..where's my lemon tea! :).

    Lovely to see Audrey!x and Annie!x
    enjoying the 'sun~puddles'..but better of Simon, being out and
    about..can't wait to see him again....! :).

  6. Our chipmunks are also out - it's the earliest I have seen them about. I have tried to get the little chickadees to land on my hand, no luck with that as yet. Both your Fur Ladies are looking very relaxed & content. Happy St David's Day.

  7. This post sure brightened my morning! I miss you all! I love the pictures of the sun shining through the window, giving the kitties a warm spot. That is amazing how the little chickadees light on your hand. Sure looks like Audrey is saying a little "thank you". I'm so glad she is getting well. I've got to mention's all so special...the violets are beautiful!

  8. Such a welcome, cheery post. Things are looking up and out of those Winter doldrums.

  9. Great news about Audrey, so good to see both girls enjoying some sunshine. I hope you get some good spring weather soon - 5 months is plenty long enough for the cold! Love, love, love those sweet little chickadees. Our little village is cut off because of snowdrifts , very peaceful - but I hope it doesn't go on for too long!

  10. Love seeing cats in 'sun puddles'! It is just the sweetest thing. :-)

    Amazing, that birds land in your hand. Lovely and amazing...

  11. Welcome back Simon! And good news about "our girls" -- especially Miss Audrey. We've been enjoying early spring but it's snowing now -- I hope it gives you a pass!

  12. Lovely post Deb....
    I am going to try and get my Chickadees to show me some love...
    Happy March!
    Linda :o)

  13. Is that a black squirrel Deb - soooo cute?
    No 'Chippy' our chipmunk seen yet - hopefully he'll be back some time this Spring.
    Glad Audrey continues to be well - and that she and Annie have some sunny spots to bask in!
    Off way down south soon. Posted on the trip today - take a look - no chickadees expected, but Magellan penguins and Andean condors to view hopefully!
    Hugs - Mary

  14. The girls look so happy and I'm beyond happy that Audrey is doing so well. We've had some lovely days but lots of rain also. I am awed that the birds feed from your hand!

  15. Yay, Audrey! Love the feel of bird feets on my hand too!

  16. I love the photos of Annie and Audrey enjoying the sun puddles. Glad to hear your report that Audrey is improving.
    It's so neat the little chickadees land on your hand ♥

  17. Encouraging news about Audrey--hope the improvement continues. Spring after a long northern winter is so welcome!

  18. Hi Deb! I'm so glad that Miss Audrey is feeling better! Sun puddles are the best! Tim is upstairs lying in one right now.
    Aw! You're a chickadee whisperer!

  19. Lovely photos . Great that the birds sit on your hand and feast I cant get ours to do that as they are all skittish due to the amount of feral cats we have about I think they are a little more cautious maybe one day they will for me . Yes my Violets are also blooming like mad . I am glad to hear Audrey is doing well that's awesome .Our Chipmunks are still snoozing in their hidy holes haven't seen them yet even though we also have had spring like weather on and off . Thanks for sharing have a good day !

  20. Just beautiful! I'm envious of those chickadees eating from your hand. Such a wonderful thing to experience! We have sun here today although it's very cold. Still, I'm loving that sunshine!

  21. These are some great shots. It's good to hear that winter is almost over. So spring time can come and we can say bye to winter for now. Thanks for sharing.
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  22. Kitties look very happy in sunshine!
    It’s amazing you have chickadees flying onto your hand!

  23. Oh so good informations! I hope she'll stay in good condition for the future!

    No signs of Spring in Poland :( Returning to Poland will be probably thermal shock for me... It's -14 Celsius deg in Warsaw right now, and the place I stay in right now is +20.
    I'm happy about my succulent plantation at home, they remind me green time :)

  24. Thank you for your kind thoughts about our loss of Smokey. It is so difficult to lose our furry furiends.
    From all of us at Forty Paws, hugs to you and kitties and birds.

  25. It is fantastic that she is not having seizures! We hope she continues to do well. <3

  26. It's so good to hear that Audrey has made it two months without a seizure. I bet it's a huge relief to you.

  27. Hoping all is well with you and Audacious Audrey!