Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Checking in to say hi.

I hope everyone is well and looking forward to spring. Living in Ontario, Canada means another 4 weeks to go but I am counting the days. 
It's certainly not a pretty time of year at the mouse-house. We've had many snow storms and now it's melting and dead grass showing through. The drive-way is a skating rink still as we wait for the much needed sunshine. Today it is once again dark, wet and dreary.

Bunnies and little red squirrels are showing up at my messy feeders daily. My chickadees are very tame now and some will even feed from my hand. It never ceases to be a thrill to feel those wee feet on your hand. :))) I LOVE IT!
                    (taken last week on a very rare sunny day)

Valentines Day has come and gone again. 
We had breakfast out and looked after two of our five grandittles so my daughter and hubby could have an evening out; a needed break for them and lots of fun for us.

I'm on hawk alert again as one has been hanging around the property.  As you know, I tuck the feeders in close to the trunk of the trees so as to give the birds a bit more protection.  I also chase it off if I am out and around at the time it shows up. I do what I can.

                                          =^..^= =^..^=

Audrey and Annie are doing well. Each day is like a gift to see Audrey seizure-free and adjusting a little better to her medication. She has been enjoying time at the new house when I am there to watch her and having her fits of madness running up and down the stairs. Her and Annie make good use of the pellet stove. She is eating well, seems content and only wakes me occasionally in the night.
We have been noticing squirrels climbing the board and batten on the mouse house trying to find a way in, I suppose. 
Someone has been watching guard ever since.  Man, she would love to take care of this business. lol

A few new updates have been done on the house but nothing that is worth photographing. Electrical and plumbing jobs do not make a pretty picture. We still have soooo much to do. 

On a country drive last weekend, I found a little treasure to add to the house when the time comes. This planter will hang at the entrance to the breeze-way filled with beautiful summer flowers. 
How do you like my sunflower hat. haha!

Well, I have to now grab a tea and start to visit you. I have missed checking on my favorite blogs and find I only have time to publish a photo or two each day on instagram. If you have an IG site please let me know.

Hope you are enjoying the warmer temps of the last few days. 
Spring is in the air.

hugs, Deb


  1. Annie and Audrey must be wondering when all the work's going to be done on the bigger house, but it's good that they're getting a chance to get familiar with it.

    I don't think we're quite done with snowfalls yet, but odds are the canal's done for the skating season.

    And they started blasting the ice on the Rideau River down at its outlet a couple of days back. That was interesting to see- I've never seen it done before.

  2. So happy to hear the Audacious one is much better. I know that is load off of you. I've been running the AC and I'm not ready for hot and humid!
    Hugs and purrs.....

  3. Hello! Glad to hear that Audrey is doing well, and that Annie's instincts are still razor sharp! We've had the plumber do some work, and although I am overjoyed with the progress, snapping photos just won't cut it. My IG account is eastsidecatsblog.

  4. Good to see you and catch up. I love that Audrey is doing well and Annie is on the hunt as always! I have been seeing more birds as we are having warm weather but cold temps are coming back before we officially have Spring!

  5. Deb, sure great to find your post today! Please keep at it if you can because not all of us "golden oldies" have Instagram. Good to hear that Audrey is doing well. And, man, that is one intrepid squirrel! Guessing Annie is about crazy to get to him!
    Nebraska ><>

  6. I'm always happy to read a post that includes a cheerful update on the cats.
    You have to be 'over' winter up there in the snowy north--ready for spring and hopefully, a finished house.

  7. It is so good to hear from you and the girls Deb! I've enjoyed your pictures on Instagram (I'm Bonnied9 there), but I always love your blog posts! I am so happy to hear that Audrey is doing well - she has become a regular addition to my prayers. It is wonderful to hear that Annie is doing well also. I'm sure they are both loving the new house. How wonderful the little Chickadees will feed from your hand now. You are a special person to all the birds and animals! I love the planter you found for the new house. I can't wait to see more pictures of the house. Have a wonderful week with your family and all your lovely furry and feathered friends!

  8. Ah! Bless! Lovely to here Annie!x and Audrey!x
    are doing o.k. Especially Audrey!x good news there! :).

    Pleased to read, except for the weather, things are
    coming together...we've had a few cold, dry days over
    here, though next week, colder, and snow, so the
    weatherman says...we'll see...!

    HeHe! Listen! I don't mind a few photos of a bit of
    plumbing...nothing like a bit of pipe work...! :).
    And, your sunflower hat looks lovely Deb..Lovely! :0).

  9. so glad to hear that Audrey is getting much better, sounds like she has been having fun in the new 'house' good on her! hope you are all keeping warm
    look forward to seeing some pics of the new bits! & inside too! can't wait!
    is that a bear outside one of those window shots??? thought you said 'hawk alert' not 'bear alert' ???
    keeping you all in my thoughts
    thanx for sharing

  10. Wonderful news that Audrey continues to do well with her medications (I'm sure all the loving care she receives is a huge part of the wellness). I do like your new planter & I look forward to seeing it installed & filled with flowers. We have a lot of squirrel love going on right now & like Annie my fur girls are on guard. One of our little black squirrels developed squirrel pox - it was so sad to watch (helplessly) as the disease took over. Our local wildlife rescue said there was nothing that could be done, so now we watch to see if any of the others develop.

  11. It's good to read that everything is going well, especially Audrey's health. She and Annie are going to love it in the new house. I wish I could tame wild birds enough for them to trust me as your chickadee does. I have to settle for 'wild' cats!

  12. First and foremost, thankful to hear Audrey continues to do well.
    Secondly - please tell me that's not a real bear outside the window, Grrrrrrr!!!!

    Love the wall planter - you will have fun with that this spring/summer.
    I've tried to get chickadees to hand feed, no such luck though - perhaps I'm not patient enough. Robins covered the lawn last week after a warm spell and some rain brought the worms! I saw a wren picking up leaves - can't believe they are already thinking nest building!

    Glad things are moving along at the house Deb - know you are anxious to get done. Spring is on the way - my daffodils whispered that to me this morning. Sending warm breezes your way.
    Hugs - Mary

  13. So relieved to know Audrey is doing well. It has been a long time since you last posted and I knew you were most likely swamped with work. But there was that nafgging little thought that Audrey may not be well.
    Your good news has made my day!

  14. Well, Deb, it was 70 F on Tuesday here and then dropped down to 31 overnight... staying there for a bit I'm afraid... just above freezing and pouring rain. We do need the rain.
    I'm sure Annie and Audrey are on guard against any squirrels getting into your house. And love the new planter!

  15. For a minute I thought that squirrel was a bear outside your window! Funny angle. Glad you posted. I was going to email you about Audrey -- I was getting worried we hadn't heard anything and that is really good news. Love your planter and the photo of you with Chick-a-dee-dee-dee on your hand. Mine are NOT that tame! But hungry!

  16. Lovely photos . Spring has started down this way , snow is gone gardens are starting to sprout and temps have been from +3C to 10C . Spring birds have slowly returned already . I hope spring starts up your way soon . Hope all are well and the new house is coming along nicely ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  17. Oh it sound wonderful, that you have wild animals which trust you so much :) I would like to have a squirrel, but they're totally wild here and I know that if I would tame some of them I would hurt her/him. Tamed animal in the middle of Warsaw will be sooner or later hurt by someone :( We still have a lot of cruel people here :(
    But I have my beloved cats, which are not going outside (they have huge loggia) and I don't have to worry about their safety.

    I like your new planter :) I've just imagined it full of flowers! It looks stunning!
    And at the beginning I thought that you have yellow wings, not a "hat" haha! :D

    I also don't have a lot of time to visit blogs right now, I'm trying to make it always when I add a note, but I have a lot of nice blogs at the moment, so it usualy takes me 2-3 days to catch up everything :)

    I have an instagram account. You can find me here: kusiakaleksandra.
    How can I find you? :)

  18. Winter does get long, about now. :-) And it becomes a "job" to find things to like, about this season. I try to find things I like, about every season, as I am in it. Don't like to pine for the next one. ~~~~~ But it does get long...

    Courage! :-)

  19. Glad to see that you too, chase hawks, when you see them! I do too!

    Some say, it's just Nature's Way. But I say, not on my watch, please.