Thursday, February 1, 2018

Welcoming February

We can say "good-bye" to the coldest month of the year. Finally.
Even though there is months of work to do on the new house I like to take the ladies over most days to run around the basement for exercise and a little stimulation. It's nothing pretty, as it is an unfinished basement, but in one corner sits a pellet stove blazing away making it toasty warm and they like to sit on chairs and watch the fire.  Annie would remember our fireplace in the old house that we moved from in 2014. She spent most of her time five feet from it. I know she missed it terribly as she would sit each evening as close as possible to a floor heater in the mouse-house. It just wasn't the same for this heat-lovin' feline. Now she has her pellet stove.

 Audrey is doing better and adjusting to her medication. Today she had a right 'ol play-fest with her favorite bouncy ball; rolling on the carpet and batting it about. It was wonderful to see her feeling well enough to play. She is eating well and walking fine again.

 I'm happy to report that this cat actually likes being hugged now. At one time she would wiggle away but now she just leans in and purrs. :)
We love her so much and we have felt your prayers. Thank you.

At the feeders...

February has arrived and our resident birds are still here to add beauty to another cold and unpredictable month.
I wish I could hug her.

I continue to keep them all fed along with those down the road that would normally eat at our neighbour's feeders. They are traveling presently so the birds have found our drive-thru and they are all welcome.

It's snowing again but the days are longer and the sun is warmer.
I'd like to think seven weeks 'til spring but we all know it will arrive when it's good and ready.
But I am done with winter so I will just impatiently wait.

Another week almost gone.
Enjoy your weekend everyone.


hugs, Deb


  1. Lovely photos . I am glad to see and hear Annie is doing well . I to am glad it is now February for it is a short month and that means Spring is getting closer WOOHOO ! Our birdies are feasting like mad at our feeders to as it is to get right down cold and snowy here again . We have a pair of Barn owls they sit in our big old tree every evening whoo whooing back and forth to each other it is amazing to hear them but hard to see or get a pic of them as it is always at night and they are skittish . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  2. I am so happy to hear that Audrey is doing well. Annie Belle is a snuggle girl so it's sweet to hear that Audrey is becoming more like that. Oh your birds are lucky to have you.

  3. I'm so glad to hear that Audrey is doing better. She is such a pretty cat! I would love to be sitting in front of that fire with Annie right now.

  4. How wonderful to see Audrey playing! And it is so nice that she enjoys your hugs now. I'm sure she realizes and appreciates how hard you have worked to take care of her while sick. Cats feel our love just like we feel theirs.

    I'm glad the girls can start to investigate the new house. I know they must love it and especially that pellet stove!

    Take care Deb. Each day is one day closer to Spring!

  5. So happy with Audrey's update! I have asked St. Francis to take her into his tender care and watch over her. She knows how you have helped her and is showing you her appreciation!

  6. That's good news on the fur babies......and good bye to Jan.. 3 more months to go, some of the worst weather is ahead!! I am busy with so many indoor projects, I need a long winter.....not......

  7. Ah! Bless! So pleased Audrey!x is getting
    better, she looks lovely, and what a lovely
    fire for Annie to enjoy to...! :).

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  8. So glad to hear The Audacious One is doing better. It makes the heart sing when one of our dear furry ones feels good enough to play after being ill. Like Annie, I'd rather be curled up in front of the stove!

  9. I hope January was the coldest month of the year. I'm not taking bets yet, though!

    So good to see your sweet girls and hearing that Annie has her pellet stove and Audrey is playing and purring. This is very good news indeed! Have a wonderful weekend.

  10. I too am glad Audrey is feeling better - it's such a relief, isn't it? Spring is just around the corner :)


  11. I'm sure you're looking forward to warmer weather and I expect the cats are, too. Ours don't go out much if if's too cold or wet.

  12. Audrey's eyes while holding her ball... perfect!

    The furry prognosticators are saying six more weeks, but realistically speaking, spring never shows in these parts until April anyway.

  13. Awww good to see that the girls are happy.

    I am sure spring can't come soon enough. We are celebrating having a couple of cooler nights so that we can finally sleep as it has been too hot.


  14. Great news about Audrey💚
    I think you should get those sweet Chickadees eating right from your hand, Deb!
    I am still poopy over here....been hiding😷
    Enjoy your weekend...
    Linda :o)

  15. How wonderful that Audrey is feeling better and has become a Cuddle Cat! Perfect. Now that she knows what she was missing she must wonder why she too so long. : )

    That is so sweet that Annie has a pelt stove now. I love it for her!

    Love to all and more prayers,

  16. so glad Audrey is feeling much better, playing is always a good sign, isn't it?
    hope that pellet stove will keep it all warm once it's all finished. can't wait to see more of the extended mouse house.
    thanx for sharing

  17. We're pretty chilly down here, too! Winter seems to be taking all of it's allotted weeks with glee. haha. Keep warm!

  18. Wonderful news about Audrey doing so much better - yeah. I'm with Annie about the warmth of a wood or pellet fire. We switched to gas a few years ago, & while easier to deal with, the warmth is not the same. Smoke & Soot only know the gas fireplace; Smoke loves & lays quite close, Sooty can take or leave it.

  19. What wonderful news about Audrey!!! Prayers that she keeps improving and life returns to normal.

  20. I'd stay close to a fire all the time, too...

    What good news about Audrey. Cats do change their 'stripes' from time to time. My Josie always squirmed when I would pick her up, but now she tolerates it, for a while. Continued health to your audacious one.

  21. So good to hear Audrey's doing better. I'm still waiting for spring to come back so dad will put my perch back up. Not coming quick enough!

  22. I don't blame her, sitting close to the fire, one of life's pleasures :)
    Fantastic news about Audrey adjusting to the medicine, and showing signs of her old self.....bless her.

  23. Goodby the coldest month? Ah you have no idea how lucky you are! I have 15cm of snow at the moment!! I really hate winter! I can't wait for the Spring, when I'll be able to ride a bike again!

    The pellet stove looks amazing! I would love to spend some evenings close to the bonfire reading a book or knitting with a cat on my laps!
    But for now I have to be satisfied with a blanket instead of a fire haha!

    You have wonderful birds quests in your garden! When I was living in my previous flat (we're renting) I had a feeder on the outside windowsill! A lot of tit birds were coming to us!
    And it was like a movie for my cats, they were staring at them all the time!

  24. I am so glad that Audrey is doing better. I love reading about her and seeing her pictures. Annie too. Can't wait to see the house when it is finished. I love all the other animals featured on your blog too.

  25. Hi Deb,
    Just thinking of you and your family again today and saying some prayers. I hope you are all doing well and are getting ready for Valentine's Day.
    Hugs to AA and Sweet Annie.

  26. Love hearing how Audrey is playing and cuddling =) Sending ear scritches to Annie and Audrey!

  27. I visited your blog for the first time, and the pictures are so cute!! They are so lovely! Have a nice day!

  28. I have been awarded the Superstars Spotlight Award by the Eastside Cats, as they enjoy my blog, and part of the award is that I pass it on to five blogs which I admire and find entertaining. Yours is one of them. Please don’t feel an obligation to pass this on yourself. I simply decided to let you at Just Cats know how entertaining and interesting I find your blog. And I mentioned it on mine, so hopefully, you will receive a few more readers. Thank you!

  29. Is January the coldest month in your homeland?
    Here the February is the coldest, so I could say "hello super Winter" then :D But luckily it's almost March right now, so days are little bit longer and warmer :) I hope Spring will come soon this year, I can't wait to ride a bike in the forest nearby :)

    Audrey is so cute! Mycats also love to play with soft balls! Did you try toys with catnip? It's fun here!

    You're really kind person, beacuse you take care of birds :) They need some help during cold months, it's not very easy to find something to eat right now.