Sunday, February 5, 2012


Not a drop of freezing rain, a snow-flake or a tree-bound squirrel goes un-noticed in this house.

 Annie and Audrey spend a lot of their day 'hunting'.
until Audrey get's side-tracked by mom's twitching tail and goes for it.

Only to be chewed-out in an instant.

speaking of side-tracked, I was going by an antique shop again and in I went....
I can't help myself. I'm weak, I tell ya.
Came home with a lamp shade and two more tea-cups.
 They will look fine with my 'Grace Kelly' tea-pot and I love the shape of them. 
And I have a new favorite tea called 
Find it and try it. You'll like it.
Strange  how a teapot can represent
at the same time the comforts
of solitude & the pleasures of company true.
After the possible home for Annie and Audrey falling through, another woman was to call me on Friday and drop in to meet them. This woman was apparently looking for 2 cats to adopt together. She had no other pets and lived alone. She sounded promising. I waited all evening and never heard another thing.

I keep looking at these girls and wondering how I am going to be sure that where they go they will be kept together and their home will be a life-long, loving environment. Nothing's for sure, is it? It drives me nuts. I have had comments suggesting that I ask all my cat-sitting clients if they would like to adopt this pair of  amazing cats.
I have asked and I keep my eyes open for anyone, who I know would make a wonderful home for them. At this point, everyone I know has the number of cats they are content with and I respect that.
My 4 cats are still doing well but Ed, God love him, will be 23 in May. Cali is heading toward 19 years and Lily not far behind Cali. Sierra is going on 11. Should I just keep these two beautiful cats and plan for them to be with us for the next 20 years (God willing)?
 You just know I'm going to be one of those old ladies who croak and their poor family has to figure out what to do with the cats. But me without a cat or two or three...nonsense.  I have to really think about this. 
I best warn them now.;-)

When you leave a comment it will be included (if not already) in the names for my give-away tomorrow night.
Good Luck! 
hugs, Deb


  1. You know that these furbabies are at home with you....go on....what's another two?
    Jane xx

  2. That last picture is beautiful and mum is shouting at the computer saying keep them keep them. You know you want to and they are so gorgeous.. Hugs GJ xx

  3. Keep them! I've thought for a while now that they ARE in their forever home! :D :D I've made provision in my will for my kitties. I've always had three kitties (at least). Just Cassie and Teddy right now. I could easily become the Krazy Kat Lady! :D :D :D

  4. P.S. ... I brought 3 new teacups home on Saturday ... it was a rainy day and what is a girl supposed to do?!!! I'll ease them into action on Tea Tuesdays.

  5. Hi Deb...that's such a shame that these people didn't keep their word about coming to see the girls. It must be hard for you to become so attached to these sweet cats that enter your life and see move away to new homes. Even if you know they are going to excellent homes it still must be difficult to say 'good-bye'. I know these girls will end up in a good home one way or the other. I hope your weekend has been a good one so far...enjoy your evening! :)

  6. I must say that I have fallen in love with Audrey and Annie and wish with all my heart you would keep them! I think you would NEVER be happy without cats and these two will be with you as the others cross the rainbow bridge (sad thoughts I know). I respect whatever your decision is but they are so sweet and just need to stay together and I think with you is where they should be! Easy for me to say :) Love your new teacups! hugs, Linda

  7. I know it's not really my business but please please keep them. You are the best home they could ever have! And clearly they fit in just fine. What a wonderful Valentine's present it would be to be able to tell Audrey and Annie that their forever home is right where they already are, safe and incredibly well loved.

  8. Maybe that's why Audrey and Annie haven't found another home... ;)

    You are so right about tea being a solitary pleasure or a social bond... either way, it's special! blessings ~ tanna

  9. Deb,
    we know that these two sweeties have found a special place in your heart. We hope that the right person comes along, but if they don't we would love it if they got to stay with you forever.

    If I owned my own home I would love to give a home to a couple of more cats, and I am lucky that my landlords let me keep Poppy as many don't let you have pets.

    Have a nice week.

    Julie and Poppy Q


  10. YES, YES, need to keep those beautiful God's creatures...the mere fact you can't find a home for them is indicating that very fact :)

  11. Oh Deb! Please keep them. They fit in with the oldsters and they love you . If someone adopts them, you will never know if they are together or separated, one loved one abused, turned out into the frigid winter or living in pain in a research lab.
    At the very least, you will have kitties who will go on with you when your seniors choose to go home to The Father.
    And lastly and selfishly, we love the girls, want to see Audrey grow up, Annie loose the sadness in her eyes and besides, our nerves just can't take the stress of possible adoption anymore. All of our love!

  12. Ya will be building a big house in the country soon..more room for the kitties-.-! I just cannot imagine them without you now and although I want Ed and all his girls to live to infinity and beyond...I reeeeeeallly hope you can keep them ALL. Yes, my family already dubbed me the crazy cat lady...I wear it with pride:D!

  13. And I, too, have fallen in love with both Annie and Audrey. I've wished for months that I could have one or both, but I can't. But at least if you kept them I could go on seeing their darling faces: the silky grey lion and the pouty little mother. They are both so sweet and beautiful, both unusual looking. They're pretty much integrated into your household, aren't they? You've gone through so much with them and now they are becoming healthy and settled. Bottom line is that they will not find a better home than where they are. I hope you'll decide you can't give them up. And who knows how much longer some of your beloved elders will have . . . I'll stop. Blessings to you Deb.


  14. Oh please keep them together. Thats the very reason I ended up with 8 cats, I couldn't bear to separate them! Btw I have a 14 year old cat who over the last few weeks has gotten very, very thin. The vet said she is ok but anemic, any suggestions? Thanks so much!

  15. I can imagine how attached you are to these sweet girls. Perhaps the right person will come along yet. Or perhaps the right person did already come along.... ;)
    Wishing you luck Deb!
    xo Catherine

  16. I love the cups.
    I don't know how you could let those two go.
    I think you should keep them.
    You know you will worry forever if you don't.

  17. Keep them, Deb! I've thought they were already in the perfect home with you, all along!

  18. I do hope you decide to keep them, they look so at home.

  19. You know Deb, I can't help but write what I've been thinking. They may very well be home already! And now that I've got four cats, I've pretty much thrown in the towel... four, five, six, eighteen.... what's one more?! :)

  20. I think you should keep them as they they are settled in now:)

  21. keep know you want to....:)

  22. I hope you keep them. They look so content and at home with you.

  23. I was waiting until you made mention of the thought of keeping them because I cant imagine them anywhere else. And having younger cats does make the passing of the older ones a touch easier. I would be sad to not see Audrys amazing face, Ive never seen a house cat that looks so much like a wild lion. Youre already used to them... Its amazing that youve got such old ones already, my vet just told me my 2 at 15 are old and not to expect them to live very much longer. His average is 12... I dont know what that says about the genetics of the housecats here in Colorado or his vet practice... I did expect 20 or more.
    Well I guess you will do whats best for your family but if the other cats are getting along ok, Id say keep them!