Wednesday, February 8, 2012 for a little annoying.

Tenacious, fearless and just plain annoying.

"Oh my cod, mom just said the funniest thing"
Ok, this is cute but...
The 'tenacious' part is proven in this photo.
"I won't move a muscle"
Old box heading for the garbage,  and new, bigger box has replaced it. Tissue paper has been added (great for hiding under) and now Audrey is under the impression that she has been welcomed to join Sierra regularly. Well, we'll see about that. Right now, no fur is flying.

Audrey is becoming a 'kitchen cat'. Move over, Sierra. She also is a little demanding. I'm sure I heard her yell "Spacatti" when I asked what I should cook for dinner tonight.

hugs, Deb


  1. They are the cutest :)
    I once kept a cardboard box in the middle of the living room floor for months, I didn't have the heart to throw Oliver's hiding place in the trash :)
    What antics !

  2. Audry is like my Maeve. Maeve is a very bad cat. Maeve loves Utah. Poor, old Utah does not love Maeve. She has taken over the house! ~ Maureen

  3. Awww Audrey, you is very cute snuggling with your mom and your new friend.

  4. Ours love it when I put a clean bed on, the duvet and covers strewn about are great for hiding in, very often they go to sleep and the bed doesn't get finished until the evening. lol

  5. HAHAHAHA! You´re so cute babies!

  6. oooooo - so very cute. What is better than a cardboard box.

  7. I always find a smile when I visit your blog!

  8. Of all the cat toys, the cardboard box has to be the top favourite!
    Jane x

  9. hahaha that cat really is laughing !! mine go crazy for cardboard boxes and newspaper. Your catnip socks are a great idea...thanku x Gail x

  10. I just really love the photo of the great is that! Thanks for the smile!

  11. How could Sierra be mad at a cute little cat like Audrey?

  12. Sounds like there is just a lot more love in your house. Nothing wrong with that!
    xo Catherine