Friday, February 17, 2012

Crazy x 2

On a dull, February day a cup of tea tastes good.
This is my favorite tea-cup filled with my favorite tea. 

I think this will be my Spring tea-cup. Just looking at it makes me smile. It travelled far to live with me and was a favorite amongst my Mother's Day gifts. So beautiful.
                          (taken this morning for your pleasure)

So I am more than a 'crazy cat lady', that's for sure.
photo from 2005
 I'm a 'crazy tea-cup lady', too.
Since I am on a roll with 'favorites', while posting today I listened to Adele on cd. Annie lay on a chair to the left of me and her babe, Audrey lay in a basket to the right. I think they really enjoyed the music, too. Adele's voice (in my opinion) is the most beautiful I have heard in a long time. 

 A face only a mother could love is how I explain what I saw at my client's bird-feeder today. Show you tomorrow.

hugs, Deb


  1. Your cup certainly banishes the winter blahs!
    I am intrigued about tomorrow's post....
    Jane x

  2. Oh what a sweet moment. Tea, kitties and the lovely voice of Adele! hugs, Linda

  3. As always, I enjoy your posts, like a visit and a spring visit with a pretty teacup like that and the voice of an angel.

    Hugs to the kitties!

    Tom, Mom Julie & Mittens

  4. Oh MY! I thought I was a crazy cat lady but I think you might have me beat. How big is that last one, or is she just long? Love your posts, but I think I have told you that before. Yeah, I'm thinking about getting the CD from Adele. Very impressed with her voice and thought she was very graceful at the Grammy's.

  5. Hi! mom Deb ^..^.....,,,
    mom sayz some dayz are tea dayz & den some dayz are coffee dayz ^..^ ??? ,, we think you tea cup iz furry pretty :))))))
    mom like dat lady Adele too ^..^,,,,
    we wantz you to come ofur to see us cauze we haz sumfin fur you ^..^ Purrz ~ xoxo

  6. I knew you were my kind of gal! Yup, a cup of tea is perfect for a dreary day. And such a cute cup too! Love the kitties at the movies and your Valentine's Day photos Deb ~ so cute!

    Wishing you a happy weekend!
    xo Catherine

  7. oh I love your tea the handmadeness of it..and love your babies snuggling together..and love the one you are holding too,:) beautiful.;)

  8. a 'crazy tea-cup lady' ? Ha...Ha...Ha...Yes , you are ! No doubt Deb !!!
    But it will be purrfect if you put treats in there...tee...heh...heh

  9. It really looks as a very cheerful cup ! Especially when it's grey and cold outside as today.
    I think we should create a group of "Crazy Cat Ladies" because I am one too, lol !

  10. Ed and Lily look so comfy and warm together. And it is so good to learn that Annie and Audrey enjoy listening to very good music with you and your tea. I'm a tea lover and pussy-cat pushover - luckily my now "old boy" rescued Zebby Cat shows no signs of wanting to try my fav- spiced rooibos/red bush tea.

    I am required to have Whiskas Temptations around and to deliver wee palm-fuls of them - the ones we get here in NZ are made in Canada!!!!

    I happily tell folks that I am a single woman in my forties with a cat!

    Sending care, love and huggles to you and all yours,

    Michelle down in Wellington, NZ (human/servant to Zebby Cat)