Saturday, February 25, 2012

feeding the hungry

The snowstorm on Friday has brought more birds and squirrels to the feeders. I've seen doves, pigeons, starling, chickadee & squirrels eating from what is supposed to be 'squirrel-proof feeders'. Aren't squirrels hilarious? The red ones are nasty!

This is wonderful entertainment for my kitty clients. What a great way to pass the time while their owners lie on a beach somewhere. When I was over at the 'spot' to feed the ferals there were birds waiting there for food. Everything is so hungry these days.
At home, mom & kid spend their morning in a box and miss everything
while I talk to my orchid in hopes that it likes that and will bloom forever. I'm good with cats....not so much orchids.

I have a busy weekend of cat-sitting but also keeping an eye on Lily. Her ear is looking much better but we still have a few more days of medication. I have noticed just today that she did not eat  breakfast. She just wasn't interested. I am worried about her now. I was told she has a heart murmur and she has lost some weight. I will make an appt. on Monday for a blood test to see what is going on with this beautiful little cat. Until then, I'll coax her with all her favorites to get her eating. Along with the contentment & familiarity of living with older cats, there is always so much worry.  

hugs, Deb


  1. *smooches* for Miss Lily...I hope she feels better tomorrow.

  2. Kisses for Lily XXXXXXXXXX
    I once had a red squirrel jump on me to get to the food I was carrying...their claws are SHARP!!
    Jane x

  3. I love squirrels! We have two in our back yard. They are always so busy gathering the nuts we put out for them. They disappear in their holes and sometimes we don't see them for days.

    I hope Lily will feel like eating and hope everything is okay with her.

  4. I think squirrels could take over the world =)
    Sending hugs for Lily
    hope she is feeling better soon

  5. Aw, I love squirrels, and that one is adorable! I'm betting the 'box' kitties dont mind that they missed everything, they look all comfy and warm!
    Wow, that orchid is beautiful!

  6. Nice photos and squirrels are so cute. I hope Lily will get better. Have a nice sunday.


  7. Hugs and kisses to you, dear Lily. We've got you in our prayers.
    The box kitties look totally content. They've got everything they need and more!
    I think Audrey is begining to look more like her mum, what do you think?
    God bless you, Deb, for helping all the little ones get through the snowy weather.

  8. Sounds like you are keeping busy Deb! That squirrel is cute. Hope you are keeping warm. It is snowing here this weekend. :(
    xo Catherine

  9. OMG! So sweetie post! I love your photos... (did I say that? =))