Wednesday, February 15, 2012


The roof on our shed is like TV for these two kitties.

The squirrels love to run up and down the roof and then jump into near-by trees. I have wasted a fair bit of time watching them, too.
 If they aren't chasing each other around the house, this is where I find these two spending most of their day. It was so mild today I opened the window for them.

And watching the snow fall is another enjoyable time-waster.

I should be on the other side of this window taking a 'cat in window' photo. 

cat-tip-for-the-day=^..^=hairball remedy
Cats love to groom themselves regularly. The hair has to end up somewhere and unfortunately much of it gets lodged in the stomach. If you find little wet hair-balls on the floor, that is your cat ridding itself of the hair. It is hard on the cat to have to throw up this excess hair and it can cause health issues. The best way to get rid of the hair is to have it pass through the cat. Your local pet store carries different types of malt-flavored gels that will help in the elimination of excess hair.
Just ask for 'hairball remedy' for cats and kittens.
Now, saying that, some cats will not eat it from the tube or on a dish. Some love it and some don't.
What works in our home if the cat will not take it willingly from the tube, I put about an inch of it on my finger and rub it on the top of the cat's paw. The cat will then lick it off.

By this time of the year I am so ready for Spring.
I look forward to Easter every year. It's my favorite of all celebrations.
 Spring arrives in 32 days 

hugs, Deb


  1. They do look alike! Happy for Lexus! Oh kitty tv is so much fun! hugs, Linda

  2. I am so counting the days also. Can't wait for the snow to leave so we can see what kind of yard we bought with the house, LOL.

    Love your cat tips, we now give pumpkin to Boo regularly, no pun intended. It really works.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  3. I love your cat posts!!! You take such great pictures of them. How in the world do you get them to cooperate. Mine are terrors. Keep it up......I will be waiting for more.

  4. So happy that dilute kitty was adopted. Sure wish all of them could find a good home. It's always so heartbreaking to see them looking out from their prison cells.

  5. That's great that Lexus has a home! she looks so much like Annie. I love the pics of A & A looking out the window together.

    Naomi and EMily hang around like mother and daughter too. I am starting to think Naomi has adopted the kitten...

  6. Your post is so timely. I have just bought some 'Kit lick'a malt stick for the hair balls. I often get presented with quite large ones and am amazed at how they don't choke on them.
    Not one of them will go near the 'lick' so I shall try the method of smearing it on their feet.
    I do worry that the balls will cause problems especially for the long haired ones, I have never had long haired cats before.
    How often do you give it to them?

  7. At least twice a week, Briony. If they are already 'hacking' then give them an inch of gel daily for 3 days. Then start giving it to them 2x a week for awhile. Some of my clients make it a regular thing to give them gel every few days. I always put it on the top of the front paw where they can reach easily.Deb

  8. Easier said than done Deb. Have just put some on Ruperts paw, he shot off the table shaking his paw as he went and charged off to the bedroom and disappeared under the bed, the gunk flew onto the pears on the table and Rupert stayed under the bed until he thought it was clear to come out.
    He's very, very sensitive. He always acts up when we put the spot flea stuff on the back of his neck.
    Only 2 of them will readily take the hair ball stuff.
    I've seen a new comb in the pet store called a 'Furminator' that is supposed to be very good at removing hair, I might try it, they all like being brushed, its just that I worry that brushing is actually making more loose hair for them to swallow.
    Oh, dear the worries of having
    Still they mean the absolute world to both of us...

  9. Oh my .. he is sensitive. I think you may want to try to keep him regularly brushed and perhaps you could add some oil to his soft food. Flax seed oil is one that has been recommended by my vet to keep the cats healthier. Speak to your vet about adding a supplement to the food for Rupert. Deb