Saturday, February 18, 2012

A face only mama loves & a big thank-you

I received a sweet award today
Thank you so much Sunny, Penelope, Gabriel, Lorelei, Larry & Ana for this lovely award. And of course, your mommy, too.
Please drop by this beautiful blog to meet all these gorgeous, and I mean GORGEOUS cats.
The rules to receiving this blog is to link back to my blog and then forward the award on to 3 deserving blogs.
I am asked to pick three blogs to pass this award on to (very hard to only choose three) so here goes...

1. Corner of Cat's Mind I love this blog for Catherine's creative posts and beautiful photographs. She also happens to be owned by one of the most handsome cats I have ever laid eyes on...Banjo.
2.Cabin & Cottage Jacqueline has the most charming & captivating blog. It is one I go to everyday because it is full of beautiful photographs and lots of gorgeous dishes.
3.A Brit in Tennessee Jo's blog was one of the first ones I started to follow back in 2010. I love cats (hi Oliver),  poetry and beautiful images and Jo's blog has it all.

Please take the time to visit these 3 amazing blogs. I know you will want to follow along so you don't miss even one of their future posts. They truly are All around wonderful blogs.

I have been very busy cat-sitting, German shepherd sitting & wild bird and squirrel feeding these last few weeks. I know very little about the types of birds I am seeing each day other than the Chickadee, Bluejay and Cardinal
 but this morning I did recognize this homely bunch before me.
I had a family of wild turkeys feasting at the feeder. When these birds stand straight up they are over 3 feet tall.
They are native to North America.
I could not and would not get close enough for a great photo but here is one off the web.
                                                                    Cute, huh!
Lord, give me a Chickadee any day.

hugs, Deb


  1. You are so sweet Deb! **blush** Banjo and I thank you! :)

    And look at all the extra critters you are looking after! Your bag of 'tricks' must have to keep getting bigger and bigger! Haha!

    Happy Saturday friend!
    xo Catherine

  2. Good Morning Deb! CONGRATULATIONS on your award :) It sounds as though you've had a busy week looking after lots of fur and feathered friends. I agree with you...I'd rather have a chickadee any day than a turkey visiting the feeder although they are certainly interesting creatures. When we first moved to the farm I saw a huge turkey hen near the front door...good thing the little dogs were in the house. We didn't have Shep back then or I'm sure he would have tried to chase her but he was only a pup back then. Have a wonderful weekend! :)

  3. I rather like turkeys...they are great Moms..and the feathers they leave behind make fbulous cat toys!
    Jane x

  4. Congratulations on your award and your new career in turkey farming! lol ~ Maureen

  5. Congrats on the award =)
    I think I would prefer a chickadee, too!

  6. Hi Deb! I feel so honored to be included among your very exclusive list of mostly "cat" people! I'm thrilled to be mentioned, and very pleased that you enjoy my blog. What a challenge to reduce the number to only three! I've got some thinking to do! Thanks so much! My husband is a cat and bird lover. We would be thrilled to encounter wild turkey anywhere. We have heard them calling to each other in the woods, and once had the thrill of having a flock sail right over our heads! Yeah, though, not too cute!

  7. Ohhhh we say Nice choicez to pass da Awardie on to.... we went to see ^..^

    Da mom sayz we had a wild turkey walking down da street a few yearz back and it waz Really odd to see ..... ^..^

    Purrrz to All ^..^ x6 +1 :)

  8. LOL! They are a little scary looking!! The bluejay photo is so beautiful. Congratulations on the blog award!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Deb. blessings ~ tanna

  9. We came over to visit from the Katnip Lounge. WE love to meet new people and you sure look like a person we need to know. We have lots of some feral and some formerly feral cats here. I seem to be the cat magnet of the neighborhood. Good to meet all of you. Take care and have a super Sunday.

  10. Wild turkeys always make me smile. I love it when they come in our garden!