Sunday, March 24, 2019

Waiting impatiently for spring.

Hello everyone.
Spring is not showing her beautiful face too quickly this year. We are still covered in snow everywhere. I've struggled to write a post; I'm probably just fed up with winter.
This is the ugly time of year when the snow is dirty and the ground peaks through wherever the sun shines. We have no greenery anywhere and no buds yet on the trees. I anxiously wait for the lilac buds to appear. But...the sun is warmer, brighter and beautiful and we are happy for that. And these little guys are everywhere. :)

The spring birds are returning to our region, bless them, to only be disappointed and have to look for food in the barren trees. Our feeders are extremely busy as the starlings have returned in large numbers to compete with the blue jays, chickadees, nuthatch, doves, woodpeckers, sparrows, cardinals, 3 spoiled crows and all my squirrels. The chipmunks are rising up from their dens one by one. I hope to see Simon soon.
It's such an exciting time of year. A new awakening. Spring is my favorite season with Easter celebrations drawing near.

Every Easter we like to have an Easter hunt for the grandittles in our woodlot. 
Last year we still had snow as Easter was early. This year it is later in the month and that gives us a bit more time to watch the snow disappear. I'm already planning the hunt :-) and as soon as I can I will start chopping away at the ice and snow at the entrance.

Construction continues on the new house.

 Kitchen is in,  main bathroom tiled with heated floors, laundry area is tiled, living area walls are painted both main colour and complimentary colour. It is open-concept so once the floors are in it will feel wonderful. These photos are from February mostly. Will post some new ones soon.

Hanging the fan.

Annie and Wilson are enjoying the spring sunshine; making the best of the sun puddles. And Wilson is often watching for the crows to fly in.

 He chatters and calls us over to witness the exciting event; well, maybe for him as we are pretty used to them. They keep him happy.

His Scottish Fold wannabe look.

Joe and Rae-Rae are still with us; living in the basement of the new house. They have all their needs met and our full attention each evening with a grooming session. They are both good-natured beautiful cats. 

I've met some fabulous felines this winter while cat-sitting for our area. I have new clients and I'm very content with how the business is growing.

I hope everyone is well. I have been reading blogs but not commenting as much as I should. I hope life slows down a bit soon so I can take more time to chat.
I am on instagram at Life at Fox Grove. Drop by if you can.
Enjoy your week.

be kind,


  1. Love the pic of that beautiful little squirrel in the tree! I too love Easter. It is my favorite time of year. Everything is so green and new. I've been wondering how the house was coming along. Can't wait to see the finished product! And the cats certainly look very content.

  2. Spring is taking it's time getting here as well.
    Snow,washed away by rain which freezes is getting old and that was the pattern for February and much of March. This week we will have sunny days with daytime temps around 6C.
    Good to hear things are progressing on the house and all the cats and critters are happy :)
    Now, if we could just nudge the temps up more...
    Nancy and the kitties

  3. I hope with the late Easter, your outside Easter plans come to fruition. I chuckled at then”Scottish fold” comment. Gail

  4. How wonderful to hear from you on your blog! We have all had a long hard winter but Spring will be here soon. I know you will have such fun with the grandlittles and egg hunts on the woodlot! The progress on the house is exciting! I know it is a long, slow and tiring process but you are all doing great and will enjoy this beautiful new home for years to come. I am so happy for you all!

    Give my love to Annie and Wilson as well as Joe and Rae-Rae. I always enjoy your Instagram account as well as your blog.

  5. Deb so nice to hear from you & that all is well at Fox Grove. Wilson makes me laugh & your Gran-fur-babies are so lovely. Wonderful that your cat sitting business is growing. Today on my blog I've given an up date on my fur girls activities. Your home is moving along quickly although probably too slow for you :). Happy week & fingers crossed for a snow free Easter.

  6. We're luckier here, I think. Almost all the snow is gone and we had 17° temperatures last week. This week will be cooler, but still seasonal. Winter seems to be holding on in many places.

    The house is coming along, eh? What a great feeling to see things being installed. And what a great feeling a heated floor in the bathroom will be!

  7. Well I hope your snow melts soon and stays away until next winter. It takes a lot of patience to deal with the last of the winter weather that won't go away. The squirrel is adorable, and so are Wilson and Annie. You mentioned that Wilson chatters, and all this time I've been thinking Dumperoo was learning to talk. :) So all cats must chatter?? Dumper stays in the sewing room with me at night, when I sew. If Dan looks in at us and says something, Dumper sits up and chatters away at him. Like he is telling Dan to go away. We can't help but laugh. Your house is looking big and beautiful. You must be so excited. You also must have the patience of Job. :) Joe and Rae-Rae are both beautiful cats. The black and white one looks like my sweet Bickett that I still miss every day. It is so good to see a post from you Deb.

  8. Ohhh, heated floors in the bathroom! NICE! If I could walk around barefoot year-round, I'd be one happy camper; shoes are icky!

  9. House is coming along great Deb...
    I have been a bad blogger...lucky if I get one a month!!
    Finally posted today...IG is so darn easy!!
    Enjoy your week...hope your snow melts!!
    Linda :o)

  10. Darling kitty cats! Good to hear from you.

  11. I'm so glad to see a post from you and know all is progressing well on the house. Spring IS slow this year, although our snow is gone (finally) and the sun is SLIGHTLY more willing to pop. I love seeing the cat-gang again. I've missed them. And well done, you, with the sitting biz. Your clients are lucky to have you. Keep holding on -- it can't stay like this for long.

  12. So much progress on the house - do you think you'll be in this summer?

  13. So good to see your blog today. I have missed you. Why are Joe and Rae-Rae living in your basement? What is the piece of "machinery" that the two guys are hanging from the ceiling? Looking forward to hearing about your kitty clients. Google still won't let me comment from my Google account. Rebecca2

  14. I'm waiting for real Spring as well. I'm tired of Winter and snowy weather.
    I haven't seen any squirrels for last few months. They were hiding from the snow I think. But now I believe it's going to be better outside :)

  15. Hi Deb, lovely to see your update, I was beginning to think the snow had completely isolated you and your internet was gone :)
    You are making lots of headway with your new home, it's going to be so gorgeous...
    Those grandchildren sure do fill our hearts, I bet they are looking forward to your Easter-egg hunt, and fun.
    Look at those happy kitties !!

  16. Your renovations are coming along great, won’t it be lovely! The furry friends look so content in the sunshine, spring is still a way off for us here but you can see promise in your area, I had to join and follow your blog again, I started a new blog, fresh start, I hope you find me there. Since my brain injury I developed a severe allergy to cats , after a life of always shared with many cats it was quite a blow but when I found your blog I now get my kitty fix when I visit, I thank you for that.

  17. Cute! Yes, we are all ready for spring! Almost there! Regards,