Sunday, April 7, 2019

Spring is showing her face.

We are still waiting for our snow to leave here. It's taking it's time but the weather this weekend is doing some damage. We are having temperatures up in the teens and sun; glorious sun.

I have been back in the woodlot picking up branches, checking the trees and looking for any signs of spring. There are many. :)

The snow is only a few inches deep now. Only weeks ago I needed snowshoes.

The snow is piled up along the stone wall but throughout the paths it is melting. It's wonderful. 
I have met one of last years chipmunks and she spent much of her time watching me work.
Of course she was rewarded.
Imagine looking this cute while eating lunch.

Painting is still going on at the house. Poor Wilson has been hell bent on helping and I see now he is finally exhausted.

I had to step in and remove a broom that he was munching on; something on it held his interest and I also had to remove him from the top of the cupboards in the new kitchen. It was a piece of cake to get up there, I guess, but to get down was another story. 

The sun pours into the main room throughout the day. When the retired-guy stops for coffee Wilson grabs a few minutes in a sun-puddle to re-charge.

I'll just say I'm glad we aren't paying him by the hour.

The sun is so warm now.

I'm getting ready for Easter. We have the annual egg hunt in the woodlot scheduled so I hope we lose the snow. It won't be the first time if not. The grandittles don't care. It's all such fun for them but it can't be easy for the Easter bunny to hide the eggs in melting snow. :-(

"Happy Sunday" to all.

be kind, Deb


  1. Happy Spring! Wilson sure knows how to relax. -Jenn

  2. Glad to hear that things are warming up for you. Hugs to Wilson and Annie - I am sure that they are enjoying the sunpuddles.

    Julie and Poppyq

  3. Spring is trying to show it's face over
    here in the UK to..but the nasty old rain
    seems to butt in every couple days, and spoil
    it..the flowers are starting to come through,
    and my Virginia Creeper is well in bud..And, that
    makes me happy! :).

    Nice to see Wilson take time out and enjoy the
    sun puddles..what is it with cats and sun puddles,
    bless them!
    No Simon yet..hope he's o.k. I've lots of photos
    of him in my folders, so l don't miss seeing him,
    bless the 'little' fella..! :o).

  4. I love how Wilson sleeps with his mouth open -- totally gone! That's what home rehab will do to a fellow!

    Love your very cute cabinet with its Eastery things! Nice to see you here (and a little less snow!)

  5. It looks like Wilson sure is working hard supervising the retired guy! Poor guy is worn out from all that work. How exciting that you have cabinets installed. Progress on the house is going good - I can't wait to see it inside and out. I see Annie is getting her morning "spot of milk". Hope the snow melts for the Easter Bunny but I know he'll come either way. Have a beautiful week!

  6. Always nice to see signs of Spring.
    We have had warm and cool days and Monday we are expecting a snowstorm :/ Warmer weather by the end of the week though.
    Nice to see Wilson enjoying sunspots :)
    Nancy and the kitties

  7. Deb, I love the pics, but want to see your new house!

  8. There's nothing so helpful as a cat who wants to be involved.
    'Painting' means good progress toward a move-in date. Its never quite soon enough.

  9. Wilson is such a cutie and deserves his time in the sun. We haven't had snow in months and today it got up to 70*F (21*C). I am loving this weather. Hope you don't have to hide the eggs in the snow.

  10. Oh Wilson you lovable naughty boy. Helpful kitties, somehow I know these two words just don't go together (lol). Painting means you are in the final stages of house prep - yeah!! I am so excited to see 3 of my last year chipmunks are back & One even knows when I'm out, it means food, he came running to me! We had terrible flooding back in March & I thought maybe 1 or 2 burrows were flooded out - thankfully no.

  11. The chipmunks are adorable - have you spotted Simon this spring? Sadly my little guy seems to have moved on from our garden - hopefully he's happy some place else! Our latest addition to the wildlife in the garden/neighborhood is a large coyote, not really welcome with so many small domestic pets in fenced yards (coyote jumps the fences). Seems it's perhaps a female - looks very healthy and may have young hidden somewhere nearby. Animal Control will not remove her as long as she appears healthy.
    Your snow seems to keep coming Deb - hopefully will melt for the Easter Egg Hunt. You look busy as always - while the kitties are obviously relaxing! Warmer spring days will, I know, be welcomed with open arms.
    The hutch is looking lovely for Easter - I spy the chocolate bunnies ready to hop into the grandittles baskets I'm sure.

    Hang in there dear one.
    Hugs - Mary

  12. How can a cat resist naps in the sun?

  13. Oh Wilson looks so amazing and comfy!
    I've missed Spring a lot. It's slowly greening everywhere and I'm really glad when I can go for a walk to the forest :)

  14. The weather folks have mentioned the 's' word for later this week, but today it's sunny and warm. Wish I could bottle it, and uncork a little bit when the weather is cold.

  15. Wilson is such a little crackpot, what a cutie!! The chipmunks have been spotted here too, that was exciting! Of course, it's driving my little furbabies crazy!

  16. Happy spring! Hopefully not too much longer and the snow will be gone! That Wilson is adorable!

  17. I dislike that time of the year when the snow is trodden and dirty. It's like the 'burnt-out ends of smoky' winters. Soon, spring will be here. Wilson seems a (not quite) tireless helper; he deserves his rest afterward. Annie's right to let the youngster do all the hard work...