Friday, March 18, 2016

Music to your ears

                   Rain Rain Go Away...

This week? Where did it go?

It's no wonder I have a list as long as my arm of things to do at the mouse-house.
I haven't been home much. ;-)

It's been raining non-stop up until yesterday. We did have some spring-like weather and then it rained again. Keeping the feeders dry and cleaning up the wet spillage is a job in itself.

We have been having new visitors to the side feeder every night; the one outside the garage door. Two very large racoons along with two very sweet grey bunnies show up after dark each night and feast on what has been spilled by the birds. I won't pretend I haven't put some extra treats out for them now that I know they come by regularly. Heck...everything is hungry and they are here looking for food. I have great respect for wild-life and know not to get too close but I do love to watch them go about their business.
What harm is there in treating them a little. I'm probably asking for it here. lol

The birds make quite a racket now at the feeders and around the maple trees. I noticed yesterday that it was like an orchestra playing until I got close to the area. Then...silence.
Aren't they amazing. They watch and react to everything around them. The silence continued while I added peanuts and sun-flower seeds to the platform feeders and a fresh mac apple to the holder. I threw a bit of dry 7 grain bread on the ground for the crows. Then I walked away.
It was like the conductor raised his wand (that's what I'm calling it) and the performance resumed. It was almost deafening and absolutely beautiful.

From the bedroom window

Someone was really lovin' that sun today.

But then it was time to sit still and contemplate the death of an Easter ornament on the dining-corner table.

The snow is melting fast.

It was time to open the kitchen window and take in that orchestra.

I wish you could hear it. It's pretty sweet. :)

hugs, Deb


  1. Well..We've had nice sunny days over here!
    Though a bit chilly but dry, and it's forecast
    for next week and over Easter! Got a chance to
    'hit' into my Virginia Creeper, and sort out the
    dead wood. The buds are starting to break through.

    Strangest thing on the TV yesterday and to~day over
    here, l've just Googled....'ducks and bread'. All
    the info is on there!
    Basically there saying that feeding bread to ducks.
    geese, swans and birds in general is bad for them.
    And, should not be done, they should be fed fruit,
    veg, and even carrots..yes! carrots...Made me chuckle!
    The info is all on line, with the reasons why!
    Think l'll put out a stew for them then! Just cut the
    veg up into smaller pieces!!! :).

  2. Our birds are singing, too! They are silent all winter! I guess they are announcing spring!

  3. I have noticed that birds in thick bushes tend to cease chattering when I pass by.

  4. Your description of the birds' chorus is perfect. It reminded me of a school dormitory when the monitor comes to check on the students there.

  5. That is great you are seeing some more wildlife there. We had many little cottontail rabbits for a couple of years and I loved it! In the spring it looked like the mommy bunnies had hidden a baby one under every shrub as they started peeking out and venturing into the lawn to graze. I hope you get to see a few babies!


  6. We get our own loud orchestra here with all our birds it can be very noisy at times but the kind of noise I love ! Lovely photos , Audrey you are soo funny and what you doing stealing the Easter ornaments you goofy cat lol ! Glad your having lots of wonderful birdies and wild life about just keep an eye on those Raccoons they can be nasty and get very aggressive and possessive over food and the area it is in . Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  7. Hi Deb! Oh, I can imagine hearing the sounds of the birds singing. I'm seeing little chipmunks again around here and of course the squirrels are going crazy! Thanks for popping in to see me and have a great weekend.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. I really enjoy your blog! The kitties ... the birds...the's all very enjoyable! Thanks for being there at the end of my day!!!

  9. The birds around my house are so loud they wake me in the mornings when I sleep with the window open - and I love it!!!