Tuesday, March 15, 2016

On a dark & rainy day.... can lie around just like BIG ED here at the Perth Flea Market.
Nope, that's not a woolly vest he found on the old vintage floor; that's all him. He's a Persian-mix and a very unique-looking feline. Where is my cat brush when I need it? He was a very curious, friendly and lazy fella.


Pick up two of your favorite lunch buddies and 'do lunch' at a popular family restaurant.
Pulled-pork on a pretzel bun for gramps
fish & chips for nana
Grilled cheese & fries for two cutie-patooties
Grandittles Riley & Brad (the ham)

finish things off with a DQ

while checking out the photos of all the Easter ice-cream cakes.

Three cheers for rainy days.

hugs, Deb


  1. Great cat blog, I have a cat blog too

  2. Oh Deb that's a strange-looking cat! Love your grands

  3. That is one interesting looking cat . Lovely photos . Glad you both and the grands had a nice lunch . It was thundering lighting and rain with high winds here early this morning but now just raining . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  4. What a lovely day out. I wonder if Big Ed is less active because he has uncomfortable mats in his fur - I like to give Ed the benefit of the doubt ... :)

    1. I didn't feel any mats just hair that needed brushing. He was a sweet cat.

  5. I had to find DH and show him the pic of Big Ed... as we have a black outside feral that has that grey wooly hair around his neck. Yes, I want to grab him and brush him too, but of course he would never allow it.
    And your grandkids are adorable! Our grand daughter who is 3 loves ice-cream at Braums.

  6. I've never seen a cat like that before!

  7. Love that cat! Oh your Grands are getting so big!

  8. Big Ed Is gorgeous! I think I'm in love....!
    That lovely young girl can't be Riley. Wasn't she just a babe in arms not too long ago?

  9. Think I've seen that cat online before! Looks like he's wearing someone else's fur cool is that! Love your scarf, and the little ones are as cute as a bug's ear!

  10. Big Ed looks like he's wearing a sheepskin vest like the British soldiers wore in World War I. And Bradley's hair looks like it's reacting to the cold of the ice cream! Now I could go for something from Dairy Queen...

  11. Oh my! Big Ed is amazing! He has to have the most unusual coat I have ever seen. And yes, I thought he was wearing a vest! I confess... I would bring him home just to pet and brush him!

    So glad to see those sweet Grandchildren having a good time! I bet you guys did, too.


  12. Oh, I bet you wanted to get your hands on Ed and give him a good brushing! haha....

  13. Looks like a great day! Wow that sure does look like a vest on that kitty!! Very unusual!

  14. Your grandittles are so cute !What a perfect way to spend any day, with grandchildren.

    Big Ed has the most unusual fur coat. ( You mean you did NOT have your cat brush tucked into your purse or pocket ?!? )

  15. No dreary skies and no pouring rain could keep you from smiling with those two sweethearts by your side. Cute photos, and you look sooooo happy, Deb. xo ~ Nancy

  16. What an unusual colored cat! And so lovely! I'm sure he would welcome a nice brushing from you, Deb. Those cats feel the love when they are catered to by a true cat fancier (lover!). You are the best by far!
    And those grandbabies, UM! So sweet! We have five, oldest is 12 in April and the youngest is 7. So fun! And you are so lucky you live close enough to your children so you and Gary can enjoy them and the grand-lovelies!
    Glenda from Kansas