Thursday, March 24, 2016

Fresh snow...freezing rain.

You have probably noticed that I haven't bought myself a new camera yet. Life has been so busy lately that many trivial things have been put on the back burner. But since Mother's Day and my birthday aren't too far apart maybe I'll find one under my pillow soon. ;-)

Yesterday's snow has almost disappeared and now we have fresh snow and freezing rain falling. I can't believe I am even writing this. We are SO DONE with winter in these parts but still it comes. I actually dreamed of our lilac bushes being in full bloom last night.

The poor red-winged blackbirds sat around the feeders, covered in snow, looking confused. The starlings, black-birds & crows took over the buffet area all day today leaving little food for the smaller birds.

We had a couple of large visitors to the feeding areas early this morning.
Later, when I looked out the back window, I could see about fifty more turkeys in the distance.

Simon never stuck his head out of his hidey-hole once today.
                                                                         Tasha Tudor

I try to imagine his home...toasty warm, lots of dry bedding, a full pantry of last fall's nuts, seeds and apple cores all lined up in a row. He looks like a neat little fellow to me. What I'd love to see is a little friend join him this spring.

I have been baking like Anna Olsen these days. Some for the freezer but most going out to a much-needed fundraiser for a local cat rescue. I have known the owner and founder of this rescue for 20 some years now. She is the one that never says "no", always finds a safe place for any stray or injured cat and is the best cat-trapper I have ever known. I love this lady...she is the 'real deal'. I always want to help if I can.
I'm hoping this will be her best fundraiser yet. =^..^=

hugs, Deb


  1. Oh my!!? More snow....sure hope spring arrives your way soon!when is your birthday?...mine is may and so is mothers day and our anniversary so wow i do love may!!!

  2. We are so warm here and I already have tomatoes on one of my vines. Crazy right? Your snow is so beautiful though but I am sure you are all ready for warm sunny days.

  3. Remarkable that you're not that far away from me, and thus far all we're seeing is snow in a dry powder, not freezing rain.

  4. It's 72 degrees here, but storms moving in. This time last year, we had a snowstorm !
    Stay warm and cozy with your precious kitties, I bet your kitchen smells heavenly with the baked goods :)

  5. Yes all north of us is getting a rotten winter storm we are getting lots rain and thunderstorms down here and +9 temps . Lovely photos . Hope that is the last snow for you guys up there now . I saw a few new little chipmunks we didn't have here last year so I am thrilled about that and our birds are feasting at the feeders like mad as well as they preparing for nesting now . I bet your house smells so YUMMY with all that baking your doing . Thanks for sharing , Have a good evening and a Happy Easter weekend !

  6. I hope she has a good fundraiser, too! So many little needy fur balls!

    Blooming lilacs...haha....sweet dreams for sure!

  7. Love that little baby face in the picture frame, Deb. So sorry about your weather - I have been listening to the news and many people have had this early spring storm come through. So exciting to see the turkeys. Your cat rescue friend is an Angel. So nice of you to help. Hope your Easter weekend is lovely. xx K

  8. We were lucky that yesterday's Michigan snow went north of us about 40 miles. They are promising good weather for Easter. I'll believe it when I see it!

  9. Ick....more snow....sorry, Deb! We have warm temps here today and a beautiful spring morning. Tuesday night we'll be back in the teens, though....this whole "springter" thing is frustrating!

  10. Jeanie (comment above) must live somewhere near me, 'cause we got rain while further north in Michigan got snow and ice. I am thinking your dream about lilacs was a message telling you that spring is a'commin'!

  11. you have been so busy!! Your feathered friends I'm sure appreciate all the love and food you send their way and the little furry guys,, we have lots of snow too, but springs coming,, so they keep saying,, good luck on fund raiser, its such a good cause, we have one going right now as well, its a cat rescue home, no kill shelter,, they always need so much help,, so many poor cats get abandoned,, so many promises unkept!Have a wonderful weekend,

  12. I also have been baking my little heart out for a cat rescue center. Possibly the same event for Country Cat Rescue?

    1. Hi Nicole - yes, the one and only. I support Gwen as she has been rescuing cats for over 30 years. :)

    2. Small world! We have been supporters through Fran who organizes the Almonte Motorcycle Run for the Country Cat Sanctuary, since it began in 2010. That's where we met Ayse who was my contact for the bake sale this year.

      I too hope Saturday will have been their best sale yet. Gwen is an amazing angel to so many!