Monday, March 21, 2016


We are dog-sitting our grand-dog, Forest. All 85 lbs. of him.

The Canada Geese are returning.

(loves his car rides)

 He's a fun, goofy and over-the-top friendly dog that seems to like it at the mouse-house. There is only one very big issue with Forest....he chases unfamiliar cats. So, he is staying downstairs while Annie & Audrey, with nose in the air, reside in the apartment above. Oh, he's very comfy with his couch, blankies, toys, food, water and listening to his favorite radio station. And, the retired-guy spends most of his waking hours down there. They have become quite the buddies.
"No play-time in the garage for a few days, ladies."

                       "WHAT is that smell?"

I look so forward to planting and cleaning up this spring but I know it will be with a heavy heart. I will miss our dear old Kane wandering around the property, sniffing every corner of the front acre, wondering what mom's up to. He loved his freedom to stroll around here at his leisure. He owned this place; he protected it. It will be lonely for awhile as I work around and I expect I'll have those 'moments'. So, Spring is bittersweet to me.

Simon has found a friend. The chase was on over the weekend and early this morning. The little visitor would run around the old pump and then stop in it's tracks under the old maple. Then Simon would chase. It was fun to watch them. As you know, we are really not sure if Simon is a he or a she so this new relationship may solve that mystery. ;-)
Fingers crossed for baby chippies. We'll just call her 'Simone'. :)


  1. Lovely dog he looks fun . I bet the kitties are put out with having him there hope he learns over time not to chase them lol ! Oh two chipmunks there now that's awesome oh yes hope for baby chippies lol ! Lovely photos . Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  2. Simone...oh, I am laughing here! How cute!

  3. Love that Simon - or Simone - has perhaps found a mate! Can you imagine how adorable baby chippies must be?

    Forest looks like a sweet boy despite his size - hope he came with his own grocery bags, haha!

    Hugs - Mary

  4. Hi, Deb....Good to see the geese made it back home. We get to watch them go over our house each Feb. here in favorite sight each year! About missing Kane...I never come home without thinking that there won't be any pets greeting us at the door. And, you're right, working outside without our pup around is, well...Enjoy Forest while you have him. Love from Nebr. ><>

  5. Forest is quite the handsome fellow! We had a dog almost identical when the family was young - Heidi - and she was just as easy going. I nearly choked on my tea laughing when I saw the photo 'What's that smell'! We have to keep my cats separated from my daughter's two dachshunds when I pet-sit, too. It is so sad thinking about you missing your Kane. You gave him a wonderful life. Hugs xo Karen

  6. That's brilliant....Simon and Simone...!xx
    Made my day/week/month/....Think l'll
    celebrate with another lemon tea!!!

  7. i know how it feels, go out gardening & suddenly find myself talking to B.B. & go to show her something i've found to suddenly realize she isn't here anymore, i do miss having a dog around & once i get my fence up i'm going to go look at the adoption kennels. perhaps you should start thinking about another too? you both seem exceptional when it comes to animals, just look at your grand dog, he loves you too :))
    think life would be pretty lonely if i didn't have a pet or 2
    thanx for sharing

  8. Forest is a beautiful dog. 85 pounds, that's a big dog! Oh, I do hope you have little baby "Simons" running around soon. That would be so cute! I always look forward to Audrey's comments. :)

  9. What a good dog!

    I saw the Canada geese for the first time on Saturday along the Rideau. No doubt the ones in the area are just stopping off and on their way to points further north.

  10. Kane knows you are thinking of him.

  11. Spring is here and it's time for chipmunk love. Yes, let's hope for lots of little ones - no fostering needed!

    And poor Kane. On Saturday it will be a year since my Tungsten died. I still look for her when I hear familiar sounds. They never leave us.

  12. Hurrah! Love is in the air for Simon!

  13. Spring is back after a weekend of cool weather--the cats love sitting in the screened-in porch and watching the birds. I still see Bailey now and again and know he's still with me; I'm sure you'll feel that way with Kane as you have you the kitties you've lost. Much love, XOXO