Wednesday, March 23, 2016

What made you smile today?


Foil-wrapped chocolate bunnies. 
Spending time with little Gwynn.
Being the recipient of an unexpected Easter gift.
Always the bird-watcher.
a Spring Chickadee.

an update on our weather...

This can turn a smile upside-down 
unless you have a sun-catcher
from a 2 year old
to enjoy.

Our birds and squirrels (and Simon) look baffled.
Time to pull on the winter boots and fill the feeders.
Ah...Spring in Ontario.
hugs, Deb


  1. Yikes! You got snow? We are clear right now....but expecting freezing rain! WTH?
    Love your handmade sun catcher...very cute!
    And that curly hair! Love that!
    Get those boots on....Geesh! Happy Spring! :o)
    Enjoy your Easter weekend...
    Linda :o)


    I got a chocolate rabbit
    For an Easter treat,
    A great big chocolate rabbit
    Good enough to eat.

    So I ate his ears on Sunday,
    His nose I finished Monday.
    Tuesday I nibbled on his feet.
    I ate his tail on Wednesday
    Thursday I kept on,
    By Friday he was going,
    Saturday he was gone.

    Oh, I loved my chocolate rabbit
    From the moment that he came,
    And if I get another one,
    I'll love him just the same.

  3. Hello Deb.
    The Sun catcher is gorgeous of course! I imagine it will produce a smile every-time you look at it. Wonderful photos although the snow makes me shiver. Mother nature so knows how to dress a landscape when it snows!
    Happy Easter :-)

    Keep well

    Amanda :-)

  4. Wow..that snow is gorgeous! That's the kind I love...sticking on every little twig! Love that tiny skirt! Aw....and Gwynn's beautiful with those curls!

  5. I haven't been up long enough to smile yet but I hope I'll get lots of grins on this gloomy Wednesday!

  6. Your granddaughter would definitely make you smile. Yes, we got the snow!

  7. That is a lovely sun catcher!
    The snow does look pretty...we are expecting freezing rain. I have to admit that makes me feel grumpity!
    Stay cozy =)

  8. YIKES ! snow UGH ! hope it melts fast .We down here in Southwestern Ontario had a bit of rain and now the sun is shining whilst the big storm is brewing for the rest of central, northern and eastern Ontario of all kinds of weather we here are getting rain from the storm starting tonight . My Miggs makes me smile all the time . Lovely photos looks like fun with Gwynn to . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  9. Oh boy - you got SNOW!! I posted about what made me smile this weekend, too, but nothing as cute as your little granddaughter - she's just precious! What's in the pots, Deb?

  10. Seeing that precious little Gwynn always makes me smile. Her hair is beautiful! The sun catcher is so pretty hanging in front of the snow.

  11. Definitely a smile-worthy post, especially those golden curls! Love the pretty sun-catcher. Even the snow is pretty - nice for next year's Christmas cards! xx K

  12. "Today's Audrey" is a HOOT!! And love the Gwynn pics. Nebraska is getting rain and snow and high winds and maybe a tornado. Rats.
    Here's my Spring poem, (written by a New Jersey person, I'm guessing)--
    Spring is sprung, the grass is riz,
    I wonder where the boidy is?
    The boidy's on wing.
    Don't be absoid, the wing is on the boid.
    Happy Easter! Blessings from Nebraska ><>

  13. I love that snowy scene and I love those bunnies. And the chickadee!! What made me smile today? This post :)

  14. My gosh keep warm. I am in love with little Gwynns cute skirt.

    Today it made me smile to find a cute little silver charm for 75% off, to see Miss pops bounce through the door when the builders went home, to see her sleep in her favourite cardboard box, a pile of good books to read over Easter. I'm happy.

    Julie Q

  15. Peach, with her absolutely adorable profile, peeping through the plants. Squeeeeee!