Wednesday, March 2, 2016


March has come in like a lion and yet there is a change in the sun. It's brighter, it's warmer and it makes us think of Spring. 

Annie felt it was worth her time to worship this star around which the earth orbits.
She's just so appreciative.


We got, what I'm hoping will be, our last winter snow-storm for this season.

Last night's fall should keep us shoveling for at least another week or so. It's. just. brutal.

My heart goes out to all out-door animals around here and to those two legged ones that must drive the roads today.

If you can...stay home.

Of course, we'll be out, too, if a certain baby decides to make his appearance today. He knows we can't wait to meet him but maybe he could give us one more day to get shovelled out first.

Gwynn has been given the green light to start dressing herself now. Mommy says she went off to her room to choose her own outfit yesterday with great pride. Minutes later, mommy finds her standing at her wardrobe with a clothes article in hand looking decisive.

"Is that what you've chosen to wear, Gwynnie?" says mom.

"Nope, she replied. It's too fancy."

(a new word Nana taught her ;)

She settled on a flowered top, pairing it with a paisley dress and leggings. Oh, and bare feet. :)))

She looked smashing.

Well, as the snow calms down a little and the bird feeders are all but invisible right now, it's time to get to work on cleaning up.

I have a murder of crows plus a hundred song birds out there looking for breakfast.

Take care,

hugs, Deb


  1. Annie is so adorable in the sunshine, it really brings out her colour!
    ahhh littlies starting to do their own clothes, brings back memories.
    hope it starts to warm up for you soon too.
    thanx for sharing :))

  2. The soft sunlight on Annie's face seem to make her fur colors glow!

  3. That warm sun makes winter so much better! Annie found the perfect spot! So fun to be on baby watch! Hope you get shoveled out!

  4. I love that photo of Annie! She is such a sweet girl. I'm hoping baby waits one more day so you can get out safely.

  5. We lost power last night during the freezing rain storm for about 6 hours then over night it snowed but it is less then 1cm and the fluffy kind the sun is shining and all is melting and dripping already as the sun has some nice warmth to it now . Oh YEAH ! for Gwynn dressing her self growing up so fast , oh I bet the excitement is soo building there for this new babies arrival . Lovely photos . Thanks for sharing , I to hope this is the last snow storm and Mrs Spring can budge old man winter out the door now ! Have a good day !

  6. Dressing herself is just in time for Gwynn to help start dressing the new baby.

    I love the picture of Annie behind the violets.

  7. Ha! My eldest daughter used to pick a few funny outfits! What the heck,eh?
    New grandson yet? Geesh....cod liver oil for sure! :o/
    Enjoy your snow.....beautiful kids are buried too....
    Linda :o)

  8. Cats do love spending time in sun puddles!

  9. Annie looks lovely with the African violets! Sun is good for both of them to bask in.

    Hope your baby gives you a little more time so you don't have to go out in bad weather.

  10. My Clara would be chewing on those violets! But, the kitties do love the sunshine:-)

  11. Such a glorious photo of Annie kitty - she really looks like she's posing. Her eyes match the green leaves too!

    Hope all goes well with the new arrival - and yes, hopefully this sweet baby boy (all babies ARE sweet, right!) will wait so your journey to meet him will be a safe ride!

    Mary X

  12. Oh what a beautiful warm glowy picture of miss Annie! She is so dreamy! Sweet little kitty