Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Welcoming the sun

I'm always happy to know my baby's feet are on the ground. She loves to travel and has like-minded friends so she is often away making memories. Last night she arrived back from Cuba, stopped by the mouse-house on her way from the air-port to put my mind at ease. I'm a mom...what can I say?

They had a terrific time and took in the Rolling Stones concert on the beach. She said it was amazing. Can you just image how fantastic that must have been. She said there were over 400,000 people there. The retired-guy grinned and said "You are living MY bucket list."

She knows I love honey and brought me back some cuban coffee along with this interesting jar of Cuban honey. Oh boy...can't wait to try this in tea.

The sun is shining and lighting up the mouse-house. How we welcome it after a long, dark winter. We have already had bunnies at the feeders and the birds are arriving slowly. I'm watching to see if Simon's friend comes by to call on him. He is up and out and ready for company. I gave him a little bit of organic peanut butter this morning on an apple slice. He grabbed his treat and took it down into his hidey-hole. I imagine it sitting on his little kitchen table all ready to be enjoyed at dinner time. lol
Hopefully, he'll have a guest.

                                                   (waiting for those dang turkeys)

Annie has taken up the ritual of having just a teeny bit of milk first thing each morning as our Sierra always did. It's sweet to see but heart-wrenching at the same time. How I miss our Cee Cee. But Annie, being Annie, is always happy to help where she can. ;-)

I have a beautiful begonia to brighten up my table from the grands and the crowned chick will stay in the step-back a while longer. So, I guess that part of Easter isn't over yet. Someone has to eat his coach-load of chocolate. :)

"Come and get your chocolate."
hugs, Deb


  1. Sweet Annie! I have left a bit of milk in my glass for Charlie a few times until I remember...makes me sad.

  2. It's those simple little things that bring those bittersweet memories to mind and you get that little sharp pang where your heart is trying to mend. My little Kai keeps finding Champs balls in the bushes, but I guess it is their way of nudging you to remember they are still around. I love the sunshine coming through your windows and all the touches of yellow to carry it through inside. The Begonia's are so pretty and I am glad that your daughter is back home safe. How amazing to get to go to Cuba and see that concert! Something to always remember. Hugs xo Karen

  3. Well...I leap out of bed...o.k. l crawl out
    of bed about 6:30, pop into the bathroom, then
    off downstairs for my first tea of the day.
    Always 'green' tea with lemon, and a tea~spoon
    of honey! Back to bed for half hour, and get
    depressed watching the news!!! :).

    Always nice to see little Simon...Bless!x
    He's little hero, hope his little friend
    comes by to visit, and hopefully stay!
    Though with organic peanut butter...he
    should get a queue a mile long...! :).

  4. I love that little chocolate pulling chick!

    Seeing the Rolling Stones on the beach....not bad at all!

  5. Glad your daughter had a nice trip . Looks like spring is finally getting up there for you now . Lovely photos . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  6. I'm glad your daughter is home safe and sound! Lovely photos, sweet sun.

  7. It's amazing how you have tamed that little Simon. I would love to see what his teeny tiny house looks like down there. I too picture a little kitchen table. All of your pets are like story book characters. The Begonia is beautiful. Glad your daughter is home safe.

  8. Travelling is fun, but there is always a bit of relief in the heart when a loved one returns. That's natural.

    The begonia is beautifully bright, especially with the sun shining on it.

  9. Where would they put 400K on a beach? Must have been a big one. Glad she had a great visit.

    Beautiful begonia!

  10. Simon's friend should enjoy that ;-).

  11. Sounds like your daughter had a wonderful trip...
    Love that shot of your table and the suncatcher...
    Linda :o)

  12. My Stormy girl loves a little bit of ice cream when we have it. I know she would love milk, but I haven't given her any yet. How do you keep your kitties from the flowers? Is there a way? :) Enjoy your week!

  13. Sounds like your daughter had a great trip! Rolling Stones concert on the beach must have been fantastic. Glad she is back safely. I adore your crowned chick - so cute!!