Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Kindness of others & planning for Spring

Yesterday was a snuggley day for me and a certain little five day old. What a little doll he is. And Gwynn, who is starting to resemble Shirley Temple (I'm dating myself again), was buzzing around like a new Spring bee. She is so funny, and for some strange reason, looks like she's grown a lot over the last week. ;-) We have made a breakfast date for tomorrow at a near-by tiny town. Can't wait.

I received such a sweet gift in the mail today from one of my Kansas readers. Lovely Glenda sent me this beautiful ornament that she felt I would love to have.
                                         In Memory of Kane & Sierra.
 "Oh yes, Glenda. It really touched my heart and of course, made me cry when I held it in my hand."
"Thank you so much for such a thoughtful gift."
Glenda was heartbroken to hear of our grand old dog, Kane and our sweet Sierra passing away only 5 weeks apart last year. She knew it was a devastating loss for us. It will be for a very long time. It still hits me so hard as I can't believe they are gone.
Glenda wrote...I have had this ornament for years. When I was taking down the tree in Dec., I held it in my hand and thought, "I think Deb would like this." 
I was so touched by this and her words brought tears to my eyes. How wonderful and thoughtful is this woman? She is someone whom I have never met and yet she was so touched by our loss that she gave up something dear to her because she knew it would be special to me.
"Thank you so much Glenda." I want to give you a hug {{{hug}}}and I wish that we were not so many miles apart.
Please give all your kitties and your spoiled bull-dog a hug for me, too. Thank you so much.


We are, once again, in for a beautiful spring-like day today. +10C and sunny.
I'm so anxious to get outside to start the clean-up but there is just too much snow right now.
It's a good time to make more plans for the garden and the landscaping. We will be building our house this year so as to where I want to place things is difficult to know right now. I do know, though, that we want a small vegetable garden near the back of the property, out of the way of the construction, so I can decide on what I want now and look for organic seeds. I can also plan some planting along the old fence where I grew my daffodils last year. They were so beautiful and brought back memories of my grandmothers' gardens.
I'm sure she had a hand in them growing so well since I never did have a green thumb.

                                                            From Summer 2015

I am learning rather late in life that it is all about the soil to have a wonderful garden.
At one time I would have just dug up whatever soil was available and planted the seeds.
Water and voila!
Now I know better.
The more you do to keep your soil healthy the more productive your garden will be.
Start with a good organic soil and it will grow you beautiful flowers and vegetables.
A healthy compost is a great addition to your gardens, too.

I know I'll want lots of sunflowers for our resident birds. Lots and lots.

The Easter chick is much happier now that he has a load of chocolate to pull around. And whether it's a good thing or not, I get my chocolate fix when needed. lol
Life is good.

Hugs, Deb


  1. What a sweet and touching gift. I'm ready for some flowers but it's too soon to plant even here in Georgia.

  2. Oh what a beautiful gift that was soo kind of Glenda ! Lovely photos .I bet you are like me and just itching to get in the gardens , I am ready for planting seeds and flowers to I cant wait . The temp here have been a whopping 16C to 17C with lots of sun shine and the nights have been only down to +8 lots of spring birds have returned and singing no snow left here at all any where fly's and lady bugs are out and about as well as other bugs . Rain for tomorrow then sun again. I think spring is here for good and winter is gone for us down here . Oh your new house getting started soon how exciting . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  3. Deb, I'm so happy you like the ornament!! It pleases me to no end and hope you think of your beautiful Kane and Sweet Sierra when you look at it.

    Happy flower planting and gardening - I hope it is warming up there in Canada, it is getting very spring-like here in Kansas.

    Much love to you and your sweet family,

  4. What a sweet and thoughtful gift. It made me cry too. It is so hard to wait for spring! I want to plant something...but we could still have freezing temperatures. For right now it is fun to dream and plan.

  5. Passed through your lovely country today enroute to NY State. Oh, we love Canada!

  6. Wonderful, fun post. Bloggers are so nice and generous. We make great friends! Exciting times coming -- building your house. Enjoy planning the garden!
    Purrs and hugs ....

  7. Dream away lovely lady....
    Home soon....
    Linda :o)

  8. Gardens are a lot like people. What you put into them Is directly related to what you get out.
    Angus Michael! I'm still over the moon with the new babe's name!

  9. What a sweet gift and so perfect for you!

    I'm loving that little chick at the end...what a cute Easter decoration!

  10. What a sweet ornament - I got a lump in my throat when I saw it! Your gladiolas are gorgeous - I haven't grown them in a number of years - maybe I will this year. I feel like our growing season is so short up here....but perhaps I'll give them another try!

  11. How very kind of Glenda, and such a pretty keepsake.
    We threw over five pounds of Sunflower seeds in the back pasture last Spring, thinking by late summer we would be graced with an entire field full of waving, smiling, yellow heads in the noon sun, the birds and mice ate them all :)
    Here's hoping you have much better luck !

  12. Bloggers are the sweetest people, aren't they? What a perfect keepsake in remembrance of your sweet fur babies. So nice to have cuddle time with the grands. I hope your gardens turn out lovely this year. It's so nice to dream about.....Hugs xo K

  13. What a sweet thing for Glenda to do. People can be so kind! And it's perfect. :)