Monday, March 7, 2016

"Farewell Downton" & Tea-cups on a base.

Farewell to our much-loved Downton Abbey. The finale was wonderful and I cried when they sang 'Auld Lang Syne'. It felt like we were saying "good-bye" to good friends. 
My favorite character throughout the seasons was Isobel Crawley.

I loved her in every scene. She was a beautiful, feisty yet caring individual who grabbed life by the reigns and managed to always remain true to herself.
She was eager and enthusiastic and
was never fazed by the lifestyle at Downton.
She preferred to make her own cup of tea.
She was such a 'lady'.

"BRAVO, Penelope Wilton"

I hope to see you again.

I will miss this show.

Oh my goodness, Annie is just ecstatic. We have spring weather this week and the snow is melting away. The sun feels closer and much warmer, too.
But, we have a lot of snow, mind you, so it will take time to see green grass again.

I added some tiny feeders to a pile of brush that the birds and squirrels like to play in. It is in full view from the mouse-house window where the cats like to sit.

Tea-cups on a base; so easy and "cheep". :) Any old tea-cup will do. It is hot-glued on to a platform so the bird has something solid to stand on while eating.

The beloved chickadee is always the first to any new feeder I hang. They are just sitting up in those trees watching and waiting.

They love the tea-cup feeders, and as long as it doesn't snow anymore this winter, I'll leave them up for them to enjoy. It won't be long now before we change the clocks...Spring forward. Everyone is ready. 

The nut-hatch prefers the pagoda but I'm sure he'll have a snack at the new site, too.

Last time I looked there was quite a gathering there.
American wrens, juncos, chickadees, starlings, a female cardinal and lots of mourning doves.

I'm glad they found it and will keep these two spoiled felines happy.
=^..^= =^..^=

Enjoy your day, everyone.
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hugs, Deb


  1. I love those teacup feeders! Need to make one for my little feathered friends!

  2. Annie looks blissful! I wonder how many of us will miss our Downton nights! I know I will -- a lovely ending. (And that scene with Isobel finally rescuing Lord Merton -- Bravo! That's the backbone our Isobel had!)

  3. Yay for sunshine and warmer temps! We had snow Friday and Saturday, and but it's all melting now. Love hearing the birds in the morning.

  4. What a clever idea! I bet a thrift store cup and saucer would be just the thing. I have that same pagoda bird feeder. And you reminded me that I really should fill it again.

  5. I missed so much of Downton Abbey. Hopefully PBS will show the series again. Annie looks so happy! I love the teacup feeder! Any time I visit your blog I have to look at the picture of Audrey in the side bar...when she and was one week old. Doesn't that still look just like her! :) Then at 12 months...I could just squeeze her!

  6. I taped the before ceremony the last episode and the last ceremony I haven't seen it all yet but I am sure it is good and I will shed a tear during it all to . Lovely photos . It is warmer here today with sun shine rain for the afternoon and evening though , it is really feeling and looking like spring here now , I saw and heard the Song Sparrow in the marsh down by the river on our walk as well as lots of Red Winged blackbirds all singing happily . Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  7. I couldn't agree more about Downton (I'm in mourning lol) and Isobel was such a great character-so glad she found happiness at the end and loved her friendship with the dowager-and love your teacup feeders! I just Bought one (one sale) but would love to try to make my own

  8. The teacup feeders are adorable. I'm planning to get a hood and hang some bird feeders. I will Downton Abbey so much. What a wonderful show, I too need a tissue at the end. More sunshine please and a happy week.

  9. Yes, I loved Isobel too! SO much to admire in her character. We cried over Auld Lang Syn too! I've never stopped missing Matthew. Love your teacup feeders.

  10. Sun worshiping kitties are so adorable, even if their poses aren't that dignified!

    I've never actually seen Downton.

  11. OMW Deb, I'm only watching series three of Downton Abbey! I also loved Isobel Crawley especially her calm reactions when Grandma (Dame Maggie Smith) lashes into her. What a novel idea to have a teacup bird feeder! Love your kitties as always. Keep warm. Jo

  12. I too will miss Downtown Abbey. We did record this past season, so I'm sure that I will watch it again. Love that first pic of Annie in the sun!

  13. Annie does look ecstatic! I loved that photo!

    So glad to hear there is hint of spring coming for you!


  14. What a clever way to repurpose teacups!

    I thought that 'Auld Lang Syne' was the perfect ending to DA.

  15. We have teacup feeders but hot glued them to the actual saucer. It makes better sense to hot glue the cup to a larger platform. Thanks for the idea! We don't watch t.v. much but we never missed an episode of Downtown Abbey. We will miss it like we would miss old friends.Congratulations on the birth of your grandson. Welcome to the world Angus!

    the critters in the cottage and their Mama Sophie xo

  16. Your sweet kitty-cats are so entertaining! I loved Lady Crawley, too. She always kept her dignity and grace. I will miss Downton. It was one of the best shows on television. The teacup feeder is so cute. x Karen

  17. Luv pic of Annie entusiatically dancing and showing us her pretty tummy. Gail

  18. I too will miss Downton Abbey. It was a show my hubby and I looked forward to every weekend. My favourite was also Lady Isobel for all the same reasons. She was a true lady! And I never stopped missing Matthew. A few tears were shed in the last episode.
    I love your teacup feeders. I have too many squirrels to hang those here at my house. They just gorge themselves on seeds in every feeder they can get into. A little disheartening! I wish the neighbourhood kitties came around more often to scare them. Wonderful post, and thank you for sharing with us, Deb.


  19. I agree, Isobel Crawley was such a strong minded lady, always a sense of humor, I loved the final episode, it made me so homesick.
    Those kitties will be well entertained watching the songbirds, sweet little bird feeder cups :)

  20. I cried too! I hate to say good bye to what I've looked forward to each year in January. At least I have the DVDs to keep the memories. Enjoy your sunshine! XOXO

  21. Those teacup feeder is just brilliant idea. Share! Thank you for sharing.