Saturday, March 12, 2016

Early at the mouse-house

The sun is now shining this morning but yesterday the sun in my life was spending time with little Gwynn and baby brother, Angus. In order to give mom some time alone with the wee one, we scooped up Gwynn and went out for pancakes, shopped in an antique shop (which she loved) and then headed to a bird store to admire all the new spring bird-houses.
The antique shop had an old piano that she was allowed to belt out a song on so she was in heaven.

And she found an old toy Volvo (she's a car gal) and a few good old Golden books to add to her collection. Nana also found her a straw Easter chick that she immediately named Charlie.
She went home happy and tired.

It was very active at the Branch Cafe this morning. We had new visitors at the feeders.
A flock of red-winged black-birds arrived around 7 a.m.
I've been hoping to see them this Spring.

Yes, we still have that much snow.
They enjoyed the sunflower seeds on the ground, though.

So, another sign that Spring is not far off.

hugs, Deb


  1. Gwynn looks like she's really enjoying that piano! I just noticed the red-winged blackbirds recently, too. They mean spring to me, even more than robins. Enjoy your weekend! -Jenn

  2. Deb, I so enjoy seeing your beautiful grandchildren growing up. Gwynn is such a sweet little girl and it is wonderful she has you close to spend special times with!

    Wishing you sunshine and warmer spring days soon.


  3. She's having fun! Have you set your clocks forward?

  4. Our Red-winged Blackbirds arrived last week. A sure sign of spring!

  5. Gwen is mighty cute :)
    We do not have deep snow, just coming and going snow.
    It snows,rain washes it away. Repeat 3 times on Fridays :/
    The latest snow on Friday is melting and we will have rain this week :) We hope that is it for the season,haha.
    The birds and squirrels enjoy the seeds. So do the ducks.
    Waiting for signs of the Spring birds.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  6. No red-wings seen around here for some time - I'm always hoping though as the the males are so handsome.

    Gwen looks like she's really dedicated to one finger playing - perhaps piano lessons in her future?

    I feel for you still under the white (grey now?) blanket of snow. We're quite warm and had to run the a/c again today - I just can't stand being hot and clammy in the house. I've been sorting summer clothes!!!!

    Hugs - Mary

  7. "Branch Cafe". Love it! You and your little Gwynn had a fun day. I think it's neat that she loves antique shops. xo

  8. I love cat blogs