Saturday, March 19, 2016

A safe spot.

Audrey knew what was up.

It was show time at the mouse-house
at least for a little while.
"Hey, where's all the breakable ones?"
"I think we'll stick to wooden ones for you, Audrey."
But, soon the delicate ones came out and it wasn't long
before the tree found a safer spot
for now, anyways.
Am I nuts? Will she find it?
Remember, my cats have wings.

Simon is out and about again.
So great to see the little guy.
I called him and placed some peanuts at his door.
Only seconds later he popped out.
(this morning) 
Haha! Isn't he something.

hugs, Deb


  1. That one photo with Audrey's mouth open -- she has a wild and crazy girl look in her eyes! Could be serious trouble. I hope her wings don't take her that high!

  2. Audrey!x You'll have to wait until to~night
    when everyone's in bed, and asleep! :).
    Then you can look at the whole problem of getting
    to the Easter tree...Those picture frames may give
    you support..! HeHe! Good luck....!x

    And, yes, great to see Simon...I watched a program
    over here on chipmunks earlier in the week.
    They don't half shift when they want to! :).

  3. Oh sweet Simon is awake and ready for Spring - so glad to see him!!!

    As for naughty Audrey. . . . . . her expressions keeping me laughing.
    I'm tending to Nala next door again this weekend - my neighbor's gone golfing. She was curled up on his bed when I went over early - she loves the sun porch and went in there as soon as I opened the door, then enjoyed a breakfast treat, or two! She a big calico and very, very quiet. Hopefully she'll be used to me by tomorrow and I'll get at least one meow!

    Enjoy the weekend and happy Spring dear Deb. Love your Easter decor.
    Hugs - Mary

  4. Good luck with that "safe" spot...

  5. We bet Audrey loves it when you put the"toys" on the branches ;) MOL!
    Simon is cute and looks excited with his gift.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  6. That is so great that Simon comes when you call him! I love that!

    Best wishes for AA not to find the breakable Easter things... I know about that!


  7. He sure is!
    Enjoy your evening...
    Linda :o)

  8. He knows your voice...he knows his name....he's adorable!

  9. Simon's re-appearance made me smile--he sure is a handsome fella! Audrey, now she makes me laugh out loud. Thanks for the fun pics. Wish I had a kitty again to mess with our Easter tree! Hugs from Nebraska ><>

  10. ha ha ha Audrey, you're too funny!
    good to see Simon survived the winter.
    thanx for sharing

  11. Lovely photos and cute tree , Audrey you leave mums tree along ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day and Happy Spring .

  12. OOooooo, I swear I see little grey horns sticking up behind those grey velvety ears!! MOL!! Little devil-girl! We all seem to have one, at least.
    Hope you're enjoying your Spring!
    Love from Kansas!