Thursday, March 14, 2013

This weeks' kitties

Living with a cat is so much more pleasurable when you can read their body language. This may help, a bit.

It was a busy day of kitty-sitting, house-sitting and dog-sitting. Yes, we are caring for our friends' dog, Helma again. She is a German Shepherd and a beautiful dog, inside and out. I promise some photos.

Bagheera is a mover so she's hard to photograph but I did catch her in the cat bag.

Sweet 'ol Smudge, now 14 years old has been a client of mine since she was a kitten. I enjoyed caring for her again this week.
She still has a kitten face

"Geesh, Smudge. You keep looking like that and I'm going to think there's a ghost in this house."
That's a little better.

Pretty, isn't she? Yes, I had two Smudge's on my client list this week. She's another regular and I have known her for many years, too. She is a grand cat and at her senior age she still loves to play with her mouse and have a treat or two.
This thing is so nuts I almost chased after it myself.

Tomorrow I start with two male tabbies and I'll be adding two bunnies to my list. Time to add some lettuce to the cat-bag.

hugs, Deb


  1. Love the Cat Tail Speak- looks very accurate to me :) Love your photos -you really catch their personalities! so funny -my grandparents had a cat named Smudge too years ago

  2. So that's what the tail says! Your client's this week are beautiful as always. The calico reminds me of my very first cat I go when I was 8. XOXO

  3. I love the cat tail graphic! Please post the pictures of you chasing after mousie! :)

  4. I'm fostering a kitten right now who was born with only a third of a tail & the third that he does have is crooked three or four times. I'm not sure he'll be able to do "tail-speak" with his nub but it's pretty easy to see at this point, he's one happy little guy!

  5. Beautiful Bagheera! She knows where all the good stuff is. Love the Smudges.
    I always wondered if your regulars recognize your cat bag from a previous cat sitting you've done for them?

  6. Is that mouse sticking out it's tongues? =)
    Cute charges this week !

  7. Cute photos ! It is wonderful to be around animals isn't it ? Have fun with your new furry clients . Looking forward to more wonderful photos . Have a good day !

  8. I've never seen a mouse like that. He's one cute mouse...I think I'd like to have one for my cats!

  9. You are so busy this time of year also! Love the cat chart! Funny!
    hugs, Linda

  10. The cat chart seems apt!

    And the kitties look grand!

  11. The Smugdes are so cute! And that cat chart is so true. I've seen all of those at one point or another!

  12. In my home, my brother and me say "A Cat is a Boy's best friend"