Monday, March 25, 2013

Easter tree close-up

The cats are all busy right now either relaxin' or bird-watching.
                                                             This is Annie aka Peach
My golden girl, Sierra
Audacious Audrey

While they are busy, let's take a closer look at my Easter Tree.

I know the grand-kids will enjoy it. Now to get the baskets ready.

Thought I'd show you a photo of little Riley in front of the store where she won the photo contest.
 That's her in the windows. Her mom took her in to pick out a little something and she chose a new umbrella. Smart I'd say as we are heading into April showers.

The sun is out. Yippee! Time to walk Kanie.

hugs, Deb


  1. I love the Easter tree! What a little sweetie , she is very photogenic!

  2. Very cute Easter tree. So festive! That photo of Riley is just so cute. She is an absolute doll!

  3. Your Easter tree is so sweet, but not as sweet as that Riley!! I am heading home tomorrow and will get to see my Kitty boys!

  4. Riley looks like a little doll and how proud you all must be of her photo winning. If she lived in Seattle, she'd need that little umbrella about 200 days of the year:-D Yeah, for sunshine and cats warming themselves in windows; not batting at your beautiful tree, XOXO

  5. Annie bonita you´re so so sweet I love you! Beautiful Sierra has mr postman come yet? Naughty Audrey what have you seen? it´s little chick out there?
    Lovely Easter tree I like the pastel colours in it.
    Riley you are a sweet beautiful little model♥

  6. What gorgeous easter tree but my teenage terrors of cats would have all those pretty ornaments on the floor in minutes!

  7. Yur tree is darling and so is Riley!

  8. The Easter Tree is so cute !!!!!!
    and Riley is just adorable !!!
    I can see you will have fabulous Easter : )

  9. Lovely Easter tree ! Oh those kitties are pretty and sweet Riley in front of that store how wonderful ! Congrats to her . Thanks for sharing with us . The sun is peeking out here every now and then to but the winds still hold that winter chill in them ! Have a good evening !

  10. Always nice with cat pictures. What a fine twigs you have. Lets cats be left alone?


    1. No Elna. It has to be put away when the cats are awake. :)

  11. What a nice little tree to whap! Thanks for your advice on the evil sack!

    Your Pal,


  12. Such cute and tempting targets for Audrey!

    Sierra's wondering why you're photographing her whilst half asleep. And Annie is adorable!

  13. Sierra is gorgeous ...I love Sandy Tabbies ....our beautiful Maddie passed last year.
    Riley is a stunner ...she has the look of one with an old soul.xx