Wednesday, March 6, 2013

hiding out

We can judge the heart of any man by his treatment of animals.
This is the cat-bed to be in if you are feline and have any fear of little humans. 
You know those sticky fingers that like to poke.
Safe and sound and no one even knows she's there. hee hee!

This day went by in 10 minutes. 
That's what happens when I spend time with Riley.
We had breakfast out and then she spent the day playing at Nan and Gramps.
Most of the cats slept through it Ed, here.
Not cold enough for the wood stove today so Ed has his heating pad on. 

Audrey made plans well in advance. Took no chances, no siree.

"You can come out now, Audrey."
"No way....send in my dinner."

Fun day had by all but one.

hugs, Deb 


  1. Except for fun for her ;)
    Cool basket to hidey hide in!
    What kind of heating pad do you use for Ed? I want to do soomething like that for Tulip. Extra heat. She is so delicate now...

    the critters in the cottage xo

  2. We can judge the heart of any man by his treatment of animals.

    Isn't that the truth?

  3. I'm n love with that photo- and love that quote- so true!

  4. I like that quote =)
    Riley certainly enjoyed her day !
    Audrey is one smart little kitty to hide, though.

  5. Haha, Audrey sure didn't want to come out! I love that quote - it's so true.

  6. Maeve hides from children, too. I don't know what she thinks they are, but it's not good. If they force her out she considers it war and chases them around the house. Even my grands who live on the rescue farm said, "We don't like your black kitty." On my blog post today, I said you were the only one who could understand just what it's like to love an Audrey or Maeve.

  7. Toby is my 20 yr. old tabby girl who is getting arthritis pretty bad in her rear legs/hips. She demanded that I have a space heater on most 8 months of the year, but I finally bought a couple of low wattage heaters. She has one in the living room where she spends the day and a second for her end of the bed where is used to disrupt my sleep (arrgghh). She is feeling so much better & I am allowed to sleep without her dancing on my head. Sometimes you can find the heating pads forl the best prices on Ebay or Amazon. I got mine for $20 each & both retailed for $56 US$. Make sure to never use a human heating pad for animals. They can easily get burned or cause a fire. It was a great gift to a cat who has been a faithful companion.

  8. Glad you found a safe place where you can still keep an eye on things! My husband's love for his bird was one of the things that drew me to him!

  9. Riley is so cute. I know you had a good day. Audrey, Oh, Audrey!!!! :D :D

  10. Smart girl, that Audrey! :)

    Riley is so adorable.

  11. I do pretty much the same as Audrey when visitors arrive!
    Jane x

  12. Deb I am a lurker here, but I read every day.. :) I love all your kitties but I have a thing for Audrey, she reminds me of me! I just wanted to say I love the quote at the top and it is so true. Would you mind if I used it? I wasn't sure where the credit goes.

  13. Oh that face! Riley is adorable and just grows more so each time I see her picture! Audrey did the right thing, lol! Funny cats!
    hugs, Linda

  14. I love the wicker box Audrey has! Too funny about bring my dinner in!
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  15. I do agree completely with that quote!

    And I'm with Audrey on this one.

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