Wednesday, March 13, 2013


It's beautiful here today. Sun is shining and it is way above freezing. I already see the change in people as we meet up. Spring is in the air.

I am just back from cat-sitting and house-sitting. I have some cute photos of  my two Smudges and one of snoopy Bagheera to show you tomorrow.

Hilary, from Crazy as a Loom, commented that Smudge was a very popular name for a cat in her family and growing up, her mom named every cat Smudge. That made me laugh as I thought back to my mom and all her black and white cats that she named Tina. Before I was born, mom's cat was named Tina. Then memories of a kitty when I was very young reminded me of her name being Tina. When we moved into a new home (I was nine years old) our kitty went missing.  She went back to our original house which must have taken her weeks. During her absence,  I brought home a stray cat and mom and I named her Tina (Really? What were we thinking?) Then we got the call from an old neighbour that missing Tina was outside her door. So now we had 2 Tina cats. Mom found a good home for the stray and our Tina came home and lived to old age. Years later, a mom now myself, we rescued a cat from the street that was pregnant and she gifted? us with five kittens. We found homes for four and kept a little black and white polidactyl that we happily named Tina.
(Tina & Darma-a cat we adopted at age 17) 
Tina and her mom lived with our family and grew up with my children for over 15 years. She was the dearest of cats and what a beauty she was.
She loved all cats, people and mostly children. She would join the kids as they sat playing games on the floor at home and loved all the attention bestowed upon her. I still miss her to this day and she is gone now 8 years.
So she was our last Tina but it is funny how pet names are continued in families. I hear about this often being in the cat business.

By the way, the t-shirt I am wearing in the photo read Comfy Cats.  That was the name of my in-home cat-care business many years ago.

hugs, Deb


  1. When I was a child our cats were called Moggy.
    Moggy 1 then Moggy 2.
    Jane x

  2. Nothing like a nice Tina to come home to

  3. My dad had Beagles & there was a Tucky One & a Tucky Two.

  4. I love the name Annie for cats, my Annie is eighteen years old, black and white like your Tina, I'll be so sorry to see her go when the time comes, but the next little black and white kitten will be another Annie.

  5. Aw that is sweet, Tina! Well my first cat was named Tiger and my first Grandson is named's that for keeping a name in the family! LOL.....hugs, Linda

  6. What lovely memories of your childhood kitties!
    I do love black and white cats♥ We lost our dear Vatu last september from a very traumatic illness she was only 8. She had four kitties that we kept and was an excellent mum. she was so expressive and talkative (used to meow very loudly)
    My son plays whistle and when she listened to the sound she came quickly sat by his side staring attentively at him...a very special kitty...she lives in my heart every day.
    I have heard that Ernest Hemingway´s cats had polidactyly too, well another little toe to kiss!

  7. Bailey was named for the character, George Bailey in "It's a Wonderful Life." (My favorite movie). I said, if I ever had another cat, I'd name her ZuZu from the movie also, but my grandson thought Rosie sounded better. How could I resist those big brown eyes! I love the stories of your cats; you are awesome, XOXO

  8. So happy to have met Tina... all of them! But I especially love seeing the photo of beautiful long haired Tina on your lap.
    Lily, WA, USA

  9. It's a lovely name and Tina was a beautiful cat.


  10. Lovely name, and lovely kitties!

    I can't recall the same name for cats being reused in our family.