Thursday, March 14, 2013

A favorite tea-cup and a missing chick

Smudge in her window
Totally ignoring her cat-sitter. That is, until the treats came out. Oh ya!

The wind howled all night last night. Audrey was running the halls making sure we were all up to witness it. "Thanks, Audrey."

I tried a new tea today although I am not a fan usually of Earl Grey. This one I liked.
I added honey.
I'm still enjoying chocolates from Christmas.
When will it end? See the white spots...that's salt. YUM!

I love this tea-cup. The pattern is Jubilee Rose - Royal Albert.
It's not a wimpy cup. It holds lots of tea and the handle is just right. I only have one and wish I had a set of four.

I can't seem to find the little chick that was in the tea-cup.

"Oh, great! (burp)"

Tomorrow I'm off to kitty-sit, house-sit, dog-sit and soon I'll be adding bunnies to the list. It never gets old around here.

Then I have to brush my own cats who are losing tons of hair now that the summer coat is coming in.
Anyone need some cat-hair? You'll have to pay the postage but I'll gladly ship it out to you. ;-)

I'm joining Bernideen for Open House at
& Feathered Nest Friday at

hugs, Deb


  1. Would Audrey do a thing like that?

    She won't answer that without a benefit of an attorney.

  2. Audrey, tell her you didn't do it. I know you didn't. I think you're beautiful, Audrey. And honest.

  3. My cats say Audrey is innocent!
    Jane x

  4. We knew that chick was a goner. No cat in it's right mind , or not in it's right mind, could resist.

    We'd all like to be as photogenic as Audrey. She has an expression for every occasion.

    I love the sound of wild winds at night. Don't know why but I find them restful. Nothing bothers my cats when it comes to sleep except animals outside
    of the window.

  5. Ahh, poor Audrey! Maybe it was Kane! :)

  6. Poor little chick, so cute and now so gone! Can you blame Audrey though? That was a very tempting bit of fluffy fun!!!

  7. Very cute cats (I think that was 2 different ones) and lovely cup and saucer. Thanks for linking to Open house.

  8. I think the 2 were in cahoots! That happens here all the time, one of the boyz knocks something on the floor and ICE is there to pick up after them=^Y^=Holly

  9. Hey Deb! The hair coming off the ladies is ridiculous. Last year I added some of the brushed cat hair to a suet container (no suet LOL) with bit and bobs of scrap yarn and a bit of dryer lint. I laughed out loud when I saw chickadees pecking out the bits of cat hair. Some actually picked up the hair that was left floating in the air. I guess it must be nice and soft for the nest.
    EGADS is that snow I see?
    Have a great weekend!

  10. Oh Audrey! It was only a matter of time!

  11. I love your teacup and your cats! Aren't cats intelligent? Mine speaks, no, really she does. Beautiful dog as well. What soulful eyes.

    Very pretty blog. Please check us out.
    Linda at The French Hens Nest

  12. Take a bunch of that cat fur. Roll it in your hands to make a "cigar" and throw to Audrey. She will probably like it if she likes toys at all :)

  13. How beautiful Smudge is! She resembles my Marta.
    Your tea-cup is so pretty! I do really like Earl grey tea with a slice of lemmon pie! but it´s a bit strong if you don´t like a citrus flavours.
    I think that naughty chick is hidden somewhere...give poor Audrey a chance to explain what happened before pleaded guilty...
    Perhaps with your cats-hair I could knit some little sweaters for mine ( it´s getting cold in here!)

  14. Audrey makes the best faces.
    Deb= I noticed on Ebay that they have your Jubilee Rose cup/saucer. One set can be bought at $9.95 or best offer and a few others for aroun $16 per set USD. I was shocked to see some being sold for over $90 for the cup alone. Be careful with the one you have - it is a beauty.

  15. I have just tried Lavender Earl Grey which is lovely - much nicer than the normal type. Twinings also do a Jasmine Earl Grey which I'll search out next time I'm at Sainsbury's!

  16. Oh Audrey... you didn't did you? If you did - hide the evidence!

    Lily, WA, USA

  17. Dear Deb,
    What a funny post. Maybe it was a leprechaun after all and not dear sweet innocent Audrey.
    I have that same teacup and it is a favorite too. I have several different Royal Alberts-different but the same shape and they all so pretty together.
    Hope you will come and visit.
    Ruthie from: