Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Booked in for Easter and our sun-lovin' Ed

The sun was warm and the temperature was well above freezing today. I know Spring has arrived when Sierra wants to sit on her red bench on the porch and wait for the mailman to arrive.

Calls for Easter weekend cat-sitting are coming in now from those with last-minute plans. I have my regulars who book me well in advance, also. Like little Emma, my diabetic kitty-client who needs 'special' care for when the owners travel. I have lots of cats and the bunnies again this coming weekend.
I hear the weather will be just fine for our Easter celebrations.

Today, after walking Kane, I grabbed my ipod and headed out again to have a more fast-paced walk. Kane's walk is slow and methodical. It's his walk, not mine.

Dear 'ol Mr. Ed enjoying the sun on his cat-scratcher.
He'll be 25 soon and we see a big change in him the last few months. Reality is setting in and we are thankful to have had another winter with him warming himself by the wood-stove. We want him to be as comfortable as possible and to sleep away his days in the warm sun-light. He is still eating with gusto, comes to us for his massages, loves his Lily and uses his box without fail. We see what time is taking from him, though. His eyes are cloudy and his balance is not good but he still gets around with his gimpy leg. He is thin now and no matter what I feed him I can't get any weight on him. He still likes to climb giving me a heart-attack every time he heads for the stairs. I watch him like a child now. He's a good boy and he shows us in his way how we are important to him, too. We are thankful for every day we have with him.

This little bear wanted in on the Easter festivities so I fitted him with a duck suit and he'll join the bunnies, chicks and sheep in the dining-room.

I think he fits right in.
Riley will get a kick out of him and what little girl doesn't like to dress up her bear.

hugs, Deb


  1. Riley must enjoy her time checking out all of your little Easter treats.

    Mr Ed - how lucky he is to be enjoying his winter days. We hope he gets to enjoy many more sunbeams with you.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  2. The little bear in the duck suit is precious. As is Mr. Ed. 25 years is fantastic. Having worked in a specialty cat practice for years, I can tell you that it is unusual. We saw some 19 and 20 year olds, but not many 25. It's obvious he's well loved and very well taken care of.

  3. Mr Ed reminds me of Tio a chocolate Siamese we inherited from my aunt. He had the wobbly legs, the thinness, the singing of Chinese opera at all hours. I was away on a course when Chris called me to say that Tio was having seizures. I raced home, skidded off the road , and had to be sweet cross eyed boy died that night. Please give Mr Ed special kisses from me.
    Jane x

  4. Such a cute little bear.
    Please give Mr. Ed a tiny ear scritch from me.

  5. I can only imagine how magical your Easter setting is to Riley. I to wish Mr. Ed many more sunshine days in your loving home, XOXO

  6. Sending my love to Mr. Ed. *sigh* Enjoy the sun sweet dapper Ed.

  7. My darling Ed. We Love him so! What a treat it would be to be able to stroke his fur and kiss his sweet face. Even though he gets around with his injured led, the extra energy expenditure has to be wearing, especially at his age. But he leads a rich, full life with obvious enjoyment, God bless him. What a gift is for you to have the love of such an extraordinary cat.
    Bunny sitting at Easter! How lovely!

  8. I simply love reading your posts. You write about the things I love about my cats. The every day simple things cats do that endear them to me and make life with them so pleasant.

    Our two cats have become so precious to me and I suspect my husband too. I hope they live to be as old as Mr. Ed, especially the cat we have that looks like him. Thank-you.

  9. The blessing of noble! I love him too!

  10. I like reading about Mr Ed. At twenty-five, he's an inspiration to me. I hope my cats live so long and have as much health in their old age.

  11. Mr. Ed is such a sweetie and I'm glad his days are spent sleeping in the sun and curling up with his Lily! The bear in a bunny costume is adorable, I know Riley will enjoy that. I can't wait to spend Easter with Tiger, I have missed him so!!

  12. Thanks for sharing Mr Ed with us. May he enjoy life as he is able! Big Purrs to you fine fellow!

  13. Ed is such a noble cat. He is as lucky to have you as you are to have him. He looks as if he knows this. Enjoy your Easter amongst family & cat and bunny friends. Minerva ~

  14. How moving your words are when you talk about Ed not only for his oldie condition because you love cats with all your heart..Bless you Deb ♥ I´m a bit worried about my oldie Luna cause in a few days we are ending the bedrooms upstairs and the place where she spends most all her time(our bedroom by now) will be demolish to enlarge the place to turn it into the living-room...I know how stressing building is for us, just imagine for them! although she is still agile I wonder if she would get accustomed to the stairs, if she will sleep and eat with us in the bedroom...well I do know life is change but kitties don´t like them and it seems to be me neither!
    I like the little bear in the duck suit and the little sheep is adorable♥

  15. A *smooch* for Mr. Ed from me...I think these oldsters are a blessing--I only hope I can approach crossing over with the equaniminity that they have.

  16. Wow, I can't believe Mr. Ed is 25. I don't think I've ever heard of a cat living to that age. What a blessing! He is so very cute. I hope my cats live to be that age.

  17. My Siamese, Emily, lived to be 21. So I know what you mean about time passing and watching the changes. You want to jump in front of time and slow it down, but, of course, you can't. I agree with you about enjoying every day with Mr. Ed. I don't regret one moment and I have so many memories....Mary A

  18. I felt the prickle of tears as I read about Mr. Ed. Our Siamese half-sisters are nearly 15 and one of them, Raisin, is very frail. She is getting stiff and clumsy. We try to give them both special tidbits and cherish them for whatever time they have left.

  19. Ed looks like a sweetie. I'm amazed, twenty five years is a long, long time.