Friday, March 1, 2013

Welcome March

Good Morning, March. Although you are here like a lion, it will be wonderful to watch you leave like a lamb.

What do you think, Audrey?

Is it time to show off a pretty spring tea-cup and brighten up the dining-room?
(belonged to my mother) 

Of course, your beautiful eyes will brighten up any room.

"You got that right."
Should I tell the folks you had me up at 3am because you wanted a treat? Should I tell them I didn't get up for you so you stood on my dresser and pushed off a box of earrings? I know you enjoyed that.

The weather is calm and the week has drawn to an end. I'm happy for that. I've been so busy this week. I'll be caring for a few cats this weekend but my own need some care, too so I'll be clipping nails, brushing coats and hopefully bathing a stinky dog.

It has been a fun week though getting to know new cats. To brighten it even more, Rosie joined me in her kitchen this morning.

She would meow and then hiss, meow and then hiss. I just laughed and told her she was the most beautiful black cat on the planet. She seemed to like that.

hugs, Deb


  1. Rosie is indeed beautiful!
    So is the tea cup!
    But are just plain old NAUGHTY!!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  2. I love your tea cup display; such a breath of spring! Rosie is a beautiful black cat with those gorgeous eyes. I bet she's beginning to realize that you are a "cat charmer" and she will succumb to your loving care in the end:-D

  3. So glad Rosie joined you today! Oh Audrey that trick of pushing things off the dresser never works, it just makes us mad in the middle of the night! Wishing you all a great March day!
    hugs, Linda

  4. Awww, Rosie! Looks like she is coming around :) I am so glad this week is over too. Hope you have a nice relaxing weekend :)

  5. Rosie just can't help herself... she's falling...
    And what is with the 3:00 am kid?! Ouch! Good thing for her she is so very loved.
    Happy March 1st!
    Lily, WA, USA

  6. Audrey's got such amazing eyes.

    Nice to see Rosie's starting to approach. Some cats are very shy and wary. I had a cat named Misty who was very standoffish with most people.

  7. I had to laugh when I read about your earrings getting knocked off the dresser because it sounded like something one of mine would do! They can be so annoying at times but what would we do without them?

  8. How well we know the push-things-off-the-dresser routine. Its sure to produce a human leaping from the bed.
    I do wonder how you can display china--or do we simply have very bad cats with no manners?

    1. My cats don't even notice china. I can leave it out and they just sniff it and walk away. Now, if anything is dangling, or sparkly, or crunchy then it is a different story.

  9. Cute, cute! Love your mothers teacup. A treasure for sure! Naughty, naughty kitty wanting a midnight snack. lol!

  10. Naughty Audrey you are so beautiful!

    My Luna always wakes me two or three times at night asking for food or she starts making different noises, she is 12 now would it be for that reason?
    Rosie is every time nearer how nice!She knows what´s good for her!
    Enjoy your bathing time Kane♥
    Lovely tea-cup that brings sweet memories from the ones we love♥

    1. Luna is a senior cat now and is going to go through many changes. Perhaps you could give her a little bit of food before bed time to settle her for the night. The soft food has less calories in it as there is a lot of water in it so that might be best for her.

    2. Thanks so much Deb for your advice, soft food will be best for her...I also noticed that she needs someone by her side when she eats, she doesn´t want to eat alone,and that she sleeps more hours during the dear Lunita I love her so much♥ though a lot of patience will be requiered.

  11. Rosie desperately wants to be friends but it's the old fear thing. Look at all the ground you've covered: from you probably won't see her to kitty conversation in the kitchen. You are a cat charmer, as poster Susan says!
    A small meal before bed time really does help. With Audrey, it could be her age. My kitty Muffin used to have 3AM "energy spills" where her energy level would overflow and she'd run wildly up and down stairs. Warmed wet kitty food At bedtime helped...a lot!

  12. Neither black cats that hiss nor grey ones that knock things off the dresser, will make a dent in your kitty love!

  13. Beautiful Audrey... I love her gorgeous eyes and sweet face! I no longer keep things on the dresser... it was a losing battle! Now, the kitchen counter... that's another matter. One time, Lucia stepped on the blender buttons and turned it on... woke us up out of stone-cold sleep and quite thoroughly terrified us. We tip-toed, pushing each other down the hall and into the kitchen, expecting to find a chain-saw killer cutting a hole in our wall! Lots of laughs when we realized what was going on, and a couple of glasses of sherry to calm us down enough to get back to sleep!

    Congratulations on your success with Rosie! Keep after her...!!