Tuesday, March 19, 2013

"Go away, snow"

This is how we all feel today.
Winter has returned in full-force and the roads are a mess again.
Thankfully, I have only two houses to get to this afternoon.
I have to say, we are all so tired of winter here in Ontario. We have had a tease of milder weather and now we are just getting fed up.

Audrey has her own problems. She discovered the Easter tree this morning and it is now up on top of the fridge.
Unfortunately, she has the whole day to figure her next move.

"This is me figuring"

Now it doesn't look so tempting where she can reach anymore.
She's already whacked Mr. Bunny around until he's senseless. It's getting old now.

Last night I brought out all my yellow & white tea-cups and put them in the old step-back cupboard to admire.

The three sets at the back were my mom's and the front one was a gift from South Korea.
So while the retired-guy does his dreaded taxes I'll keep going through my china and box up some that are heading out to another dish-lover. My yellow & white dishes will be staying.

Perhaps Audrey will keep me company while Sierra does her job of making tax-time not so painful. 

Have a good day. Hope it's sunnier than it is here.

hugs, Deb


  1. Love the yellow and white tea cups; I'm working on a Breakfast Cake that would go perfectly with a hot cup of tea:-D Maybe you need to "click your heels" and say, "let it be Spring, let it be Spring!" Sending warm hugs, XOXO

  2. Sierra is so sweet! I bet she's really good at her "job" although taxes are gonna hurt no matter what. And Audrey is up to no good as usual. Hope your Easter tree survives!

    Marty in PA

  3. Lovely photos ! It is very windy cold snowy since yesterday the sun is peeking out every now and then thankfully no accumulation of snow here just a dusting ! They say spring will show more in April , lets hope so I am done with cold and snow ! Have a good day !

  4. All the teacups need to be locked up with kitties in the house!

    I'm close enough to you, so we're getting the exact same weather. One can never have too much snow, right Audrey? Right?


  5. Move over Audrey,please make a bit of space for's another snowy blah day here too.
    Jane x

  6. We got snow here, too. I am over it - enough already! I have to tell you how much I love your step back cupboard - it's so lovely. And your beautiful kitties.

  7. Be careful out there! I bet you are getting fed up with winter. I know I would be after dealing with all that snow. Just hang on, spring is on its way :)

  8. Deb, the yellow teacups are so cheerful! Just what we need for this time of year. It's still so chilly and I am so eager for spring!

    Unfortunately your post reminded me of ---- taxes ---- but your kitties are darling so it made up for it. :D

    Enjoy a wonderful day!

  9. Winter sure is hanging on this year! Our daughter in upstate NY had snow day today for her husband and kids. We are having below average temps all week. Your kitties sure do warm the heart though, don't they!

  10. We have the same thing...on and off again winter weather .... ya just never know what the day will bring...