Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dog-walker Deb

Years back,  I was a full-time dog-walker for our little town. I started out just wanting some part-time work as my kids were still at home but it wasn't long before the 'part-time' turned to 'full-time'. There were plenty of people in our town who worked long hours and were delighted to have me drop in during the day and take 'Fido' out for a quick romp. A good walk and a few biscuits would help the dog get through the long afternoon waiting for its' owner to return. Life got very busy and I loved every minute of it.

Now, the odd thing was that I had never lived with a dog before I started this business. Never!
I knew people who owned dogs and I loved to be around them but I didn't know the first thing about living with a dog. I did have a course on Animal Behaviour under my belt which I took on-line with St. Lawrence College but it was 'hands on experience' I was lacking in.
The owners were well aware of this and were happy just to try out my service and see how it went. I only had one incident where I was faced with a dog becoming aggressive. It was a young dog and his play turned into something else very quickly. He was un-trained and he wanted his way so he grabbed my hand with his teeth and would not let go. I was of the presence of mind to grab his collar with my other hand, twist it tight and get control of him that way. I returned him to his house where he immediately found his ball and brought it to me. He was not an aggressive dog by nature. I called his owners and told them they would have to get some training for him before I could take him out again. He was a large dog which made this a frightening experience.

Dog-walking was not only fun but it was a very healthy way to spend your day.
I shed 16 lbs within the first year and felt in top shape. I learned to love many dogs and soon found myself looking on-line at home-less dogs in our local shelters. It was then that I discovered Kane which is a story unto itself.

If you are thinking about becoming a dog-walker I have nothing but good things to pass on to you. It was a wonderful four years and I look back on it with fond memories.

Spring is the best time to be out with your dog. So, whether you are a dog-walker or just love to walk your own dog, get out there and enjoy the sun.

hugs, Deb


  1. I love dogs. Always had dogs as a kid. My father didn't like cats, so the moment I was out on my own, it was cat heaven! I often think I'd like to have a dog, but now, with Teddy and his heart issue ... Now is not the time. Not to mention the girls. Cassie wouldn't like *it* one bit!

  2. Miggs and I walk every day for an hour , I love it ! My life has always had many different breeds of dogs in it as I grew up on a farm and family members bred German Shepherds and Hungarian Vizsla's . I was a dog trainer in my younger years and worked with a dog training facility for 10 years . I love all animals . Nice photos ! Thanks for sharing . Hope you and your clan have a wonderful Easter weekend !

  3. If I could just walk my 5 cats, I would get plenty of exercise!

  4. Since I was born (43 years ago)cats always were part of my family...I liked dogs but as I lived in a cat addict home I didn´t dare to bring one,besides I was afraid of them until three years ago that Chiquita and Cacho appeared in my life...the were street dogs and needed a lot of love. At first it was a bit difficult for the cats to accept them and dogs didn´t like to be at home all the time so we started to walk with them twice a day and it was great!Dogs enjoy walking a lot and it´s a healthy routine for everybody!
    What a nice story Deb I feel sorry about the agressive incident with that doggie and feel happy that the experience didn´t stop you from loving them and meeting Kane ♥

  5. I love seeing the photos of years past. I've always been a cat person, but my hubby had dogs. It's great to have a partner to walk with, XOXO

  6. I miss having a dog but I knew Utah was a dog hater when I agreed to take him from my daughter. Of course, the cat was twenty years old and I had no idea he'd still be going strong six years later!

  7. I do like dogs... I think though that I can't consider a dog a real dog if it's outweighed by the average cat!