Monday, March 25, 2013

A pretty tea-cup & Melody

Only once have I driven by Baker Bob's in Almonte without dropping in. Today was not that day.

So,  tea in the afternoon included one of Bob's oatmeal raison cookies. Seriously, only one. ;-)
 Such a treat. I picked up some of his Easter chocolates and ordered some Doughnut Muffins for Easter weekend. I have yet to try to make them and thought it best not to try at Easter. I love my family, you see.
They are a cinnamon-lovers delight.

Tea today was a delicious blend of lemon and ginger
in this pretty tea-cup.
It is fine bone china, made in England and named Rosina.
She stands tall on the saucer and is very delicate
This was so good. I added a bit of honey, of course.

Now some wonderful kitty news... 

This little lady has a new home for Easter
             Isn't she adorable?                                  

I am so happy for this cat. Her name is Melody and she has been sitting at our shelter since last October. Yes, 6 long months.
Today, she found her new forever, loving home. A good friend and client of mine called the other day to say she had decided to once again adopt a needy cat and did I know of any one in particular that needed a home. I sent her to our shelter and she fell in love with this girl. What makes this adoption so wonderful is that Melody is 13 years old. She was brought in to the shelter as a stray and no one came to claim her. She was a sad but very sweet girl to the staff and they all cared a lot for her.

Have a fabulous life, Melody. I am so happy for you. Susan is a wonderful lady and she will give you a life full of love and contentment. I'm sure by now you are snuggled in one of her big arm chairs right beside her big, 'ol fireplace. Now I hope she plans to vacation soon so I can love you up as your cat-sitter.

I'm joining Sandi  for Tea-time Tuesday and Bernideen at  for Friends sharing Tea.

hugs, Deb


  1. I just love a story with a happy ending! sigh

  2. Awwww--Melody, I'm so happy for you sweet girl.
    Blessings to your friend.
    That tea cup is so very pretty =)
    This post has made me hungry!

  3. There just aren't that many yellow cups and saucers out there - this one is lovely!!! Thanks for linking to Friends Sharing Tea!

  4. Awww !!! Melody is soooooooooo CUTE !!!
    Look at those bright eyes ! Adorable !!!!

  5. Aww I do love to hear that an older cat has been adopted, she is beautiful!

  6. Well done Melody!! She is very young looking, and we do hope she enjoys her new forever home. Thanks for sharing her story Deb.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  7. Hurrah! A beautiful senior, full of love to give, has found a home! And a good home!
    Melody is absolutely beautiful! Look at those large, lively, luminous eyes! Irresistible!
    I love senior cats. Just adore them. You can keep your kitties. Give me a senior any day!

  8. Melody has the most beautiful eyes. I am so glad she found her 'retirement home' . :)

  9. Hello Deb. Yay for Melody. She has such a pretty little face, and those eyes, all Egyptian kohl and so lady-like! I'm in love with her too. My British cat Theo has eyes like that too. He came to us a feral stray who had been a pub cat but was abandoned when the owners sold the pub. He meowed outside our door for a couple of days and then moved right in. We love him to pieces. Oh...tea! That is a charming little cup Deb and I love that lemon tea with honey too. Hugs :)

  10. What wonderful news for Melody!! She is s beauty!and so is that tea cup! Have a great day Deb!!

  11. What a precious story about this beautiful kitty! She certainly is going to have a great life in your friend's home. My son was a TV reporter in Oregon and covered a sweet story about a cat shelter while we were visiting him. It was a great place that cared for their cats but was at capacity at the time. Your place to stop for tea sounds perfect. I love the teacup and saucer. Your family will be delighted you ordered the treats for Easter! Have great Easter!


  12. Glad to hear Melody got her happy ending. She a beautiful girl.

  13. I volunteer at a no kill shelter. I love when older cats are adopted!

  14. A true love story ... Melody is a very lucky girl, but so is Susan! Beautiful footed teacup. Rosina looks so delicate and the oatmeal raisin cookie -- YUM! Happy Easter!

  15. I like it when people adopt older cats. They are always in need of loving homes and too few recognise their worth. Good for Melody - and smart of Susan!

  16. I obviously don't have tea often enough. I should do it just for the goodies! Love your beautiful teacup!

  17. Hi Deb
    A nice teacup for this week and a yummy looking, big cookie. It's nice to hear of an animal getting a home after spending many months at a shelter.

  18. Such a pretty teacup, Deb! I really enjoy that same tea and it is always my go-to tea when I'm not feeling well. I am so happy Melody found a loving home. She's really sweet! Thanks for joining me for tea, my friend, and enjoy this lovely week.

    Easter blessings,

  19. I feel the same way about our Rosie--enjoying a good life. It makes my heart sing that Melody has found a Susan to love her too, XOXO

  20. That's a beautiful teacup! So glad that Melody found a home!

  21. Rosina is a favorite maker of mine! I shared one this week too! So glad your lovely cat found a home. We adopted our Tinker after he has spent 6 weeks at the vets after they found his litter abandoned by the road, and he was the last. We are so grateful we have him!

  22. That is wonderful news about Melody!!! I am so happy for herand Susan, too!
    Lily, WA, USA

  23. So special that Susan and Melidy found each other through you. I wish them many years of cuddles and love. Love your teacup, so special. Happy Easter! Patty/BC