Saturday, March 2, 2013

More bunnies

More Easter bunnies are out and about but they fear for their lives here.
I know what is safe from frisky, grey paws but a birds' nest is asking a little too much of her.
I'm just sitting things around to see what grabs her interest most.


I think you may be safe, little bunny
Mr. Rabbit is ready to run,  if he needs to.

I expect my Easter tree this year will have to either hang from the ceiling or be on the front porch again.
 Remember last year? I tried, I really tried. I ended up gathering all the decorations and dressing up two little Easter trees at the front porch. They were kind of cute out there. Audrey was livid.;-)

The cold winds are still blowing here but that isn't going to stop me from loving the fact that March is now here. After a very busy week with cat-sitting and being Friday night, we had dinner at the Irish pub. Fish and chips for me (the best by far) and a big hunk of meat of some sort smothered in mushrooms for the retired-guy. He had a salad, too. I thought I should have one but fries won out. They always do.

Rosie's mom is home today. I think a few more days and we may have become friends but alas time ran out. So, this morning I pampered her one more time and waved good-bye as she sat and stared from her safety zone on the stairs. I hope I get another chance to care for her just to see if I can win her over.

:O) + =^..^=  = friends

hugs, Deb


  1. Your Easter deco looks lovely Deb!

    Happy weekend,

    Madelief x

  2. Audrey looks like she's sizing stuff up for a dismantling!

  3. 95% of your decor would be demolished by my herd of stampeding wildebeest...I mean cats! Audrey is a SAINT, IMO, ha ha!

  4. I'm getting ready to bring the bunnies out ... look out world! (Cassie especially)

  5. All your bunnies are precious, Deb. I hope their well-being hasn't taken too much fun away from Audrey though! I sat out one little duck so far and everytime Buddy walks by he has to examine it. So far, though, we are having a little 'duck luck!..Happy Weekend..Judy

  6. Love the Easter decorations, Deb... and of course the pics of the cats! With our 6, there is some decorating we just can't do... like having flowers out where the kitties can eat them, or having tablecloths on the tables where the kitties can fly across them removing anything in the way, etc. I've given up on the Easter tree as well as my Dept 56 Dickens Christmas villages. But that's OK. However, they do get 'confined' to the bedroom when the table is 'set with the good China and Crystal' on holidays... at least until dinner is over...

  7. Until Audrey is amused with the bird´s nest bunnies won´t have to run for their lives...The little yellow bunny seems to be very
    comfortable by Audrey´s side I think he is fascinated with her!
    Delicious dinner at the Iris pub I would have choosen fries to salad too.
    Rosie and you will get another chance soon!
    Have a nice weekend!

  8. Love the kitty! So cute the way he's rubbing his cheek on the nest. That little bunny is adorable, too!

  9. I love Easter decorations! So filled with happiness and joy.
    In my house, decorations don't all....ever...period. My kitties can best be described as the feline versions of the Bumpus Hounds in the film A Christmas Story.


  10. Maybe you could arrange for Ebony to talk to Rosie about not being afraid & hiding when you come to take care of her.Ebony luvzzzz Deb.
    I do have to say that at least Audrey is delicately holding the bird's nest by her sharp little teeth. I thought she might chomp into it & made a mad dash to one of her hidy spots. My cats would have found the tiny twigs to make great nose scratchers. I don't know that Audrey will ever allow your nice Easter tree to stay in the house - sad, but likely true.

  11. Easter seems to be just as tempting for kitties as Christmas is! haha! How can a kitty resist such pretty things. :)
    We have a winter storm warning in effect right now. March is certainly coming in like a lion here my friend!
    Happy Sunday Deb!
    xo Catherine

  12. Love these! Love how cats get so "involved" in the decorating process!

  13. I love the bunnies and I agree, the nest was just too much for Audrey! Hugs, Linda