Friday, March 15, 2013

A new favorite thing

No one gets more annoyed, when they are woken from their sleep by a knock on the door, than Audrey.
"Who in blazes is that now?"
 It was a parcel from Anthropology and unfortunately for her there were no kitty treats inside. But she was on it like a dog on a bone when I opened the box. Check out those airplane ears...hilarious!
This kept her busy awhile.

So here they are. My new tea-cups. Pretty, you think?

It was time to put on the kettle and bring out the cookies.
There are no saucers with these cups but I like to mix and match cups and saucers anyway.

These will stay in my kitchen as the colours go nicely with the cream walls. The dining-room is done in a terracotta which, in my opinion, doesn't work well with red.

Could they be any sweeter? Check out the handle. Adorable! These are now my favorite thing.
Oh my goodness...this dishaholic thing is just getting worse. :0}

"Aw...sorry Audrey. I know it wasn't very exciting for you. Maybe next time it will have some stinky treats inside."

                                                    "Go drink your tea, whacko lady"

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hugs, Deb


  1. The expressions on Audrey's face are priceless. I especially love the first photo. And those cups from Anthro? Gorgeous!

  2. Those cups are just tooo cute, I love how the handle is connected with a flower, so sweet, not as sweet as your kitties, and the cranky one who wanted his

  3. Those cups are sweet =)
    Love Audrey's airplane ears.

  4. Such pretty cups! Love those colors! Oh Audrey, your face is priceless!
    hugs, Linda

  5. Lovely cups they are really pretty and as for Audrey what a diva!! Her antics always make me smile, she is such a character!! Love Steph

  6. I love love your teacups and those photos of your kitty is so sweet. Cats have such personalities.

  7. Those are pretty! And, yes, cats can really look "offended" at times!

  8. Isn't it fun to get *new teacups*? They are my treat when we travel (although I do tend to collect *rocks* too). And I have ordered an occasional teacup from ebay... and gotten a few from close friends as birthday gifts.

    Love yours... although my favorite colors are pinks and blues. And it's obvious that Audrey is only interested in the box.

  9. Audrey is gorgeous even when mega grumpy (loving those ears)! Adorable teacups too.

  10. I'm a dishie too -- and these are just incredible! What a find!

    Sweet Audrey!

  11. I love your kitties and your sheltie! Your darling cups are bright and cheerful to wake-up and smell the coffee or tea, preferably. Your photos are so sweet and I love Audrey! If you haven't seen my new collie puppy, I would love you to checkout my older post for we are really enjoying him! Thanks for your kind comments!


  12. Your new teacups remind me a little of an old Hall China pattern. They're so cheery-looking. Audrey, not so much! Love that description "airplane ears"!

    My cats always make a bee-line for new boxes too (whether they can fit in them or not). The boxes are cheaper than toys and often last longer too.

    Marty in PA

  13. Now I want those tea cups! Drat!

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  15. Lovely tea cups!

    Audrey's thought process: Oh boy!!!! A Box! A Box!!! Yay!!!!

  16. Love your posts and dialog. Audrey is surely a charmer!!
    Thanks for sharing your life with us!

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  18. Ha-ha! Audrey is so funny. A box can give a cat great entertainment for a very long time. I love those teacups. Enjoy! Tammy

  19. Love your teacups Deb! Happy weekend,

    Madelief x

  20. I miss my Maine Coon mix "Tiny" who grew into a huge kitty and made her home with us for 21 years! Lovely to meet you via A Favorite Thing - cats and cups, and the fact you are doing what you love, sounds like you are one very happy lady, and many very happy cats in your neighborhood Deb!

    Anthro is always full of lovely things - thankfully it's in the next town so I can't go daily, that would kill the budget for sure. Love the new cups - put the kettle on!

    Happy weekend - Mary

  21. we like the last photo of Audrey, very cozy. the new tea cups remind us of spring for some reason.

  22. I love those tea cups! So cheerful. Your cats must constantly keep you smiling, because they certainly make me smile.

    Big Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  23. For someone who likes to knock earring boxes off of dresser at 3:00 am, you really should have more patience, Audrey! *shaking my head*... but you are cute enough to get away with it!
    Love the cute cups!
    Lily, WA, USA

  24. Wow, those cups have such a vibrant pattern! I think they go very well with Audrey's colouring and she shouldn't mind a bit of nap disruption for something that makes her look good.

  25. Thanks from Misty for the Get Well wishes. Love your blog, I'll be back. Those cups are so very pretty.

  26. I love that pattern - I've seen it before and it would be awfully hard to resist! I am a dishaholic, too - I can't get enough! I'm so glad you bought the cups. They make such a charming addition to your home.

    Thanks so much for joining in this week!


  27. Thankyou for dropping by my blog.
    We have so many cats because I am a sucker for a sob story and so is my daughter. Less than half were ours from choice rather than taken in because they were unwanted or abused....each one is so different in character.My daughters partner was not well and she so wanted a pygmy hedgy so now we have Holly good tempered and a real 'mummy's girl'...she gives Vicki kisses.If we had not read that they got on well with cats we would never have had her.
    Love your tea cups ...too many just drink from mugs nowadays...including myself ... but I cant part with two Royal Doulton sets and a 1930's beautiful Noritake one, that were left to me ....the later was my Nanas'and has never been used because after she bought it she aparently thought it was so delicate it should live in a cabinet.

  28. Forgot to say ...Audrey has such expressive eyes.xx

  29. Hello Deb
    Audrey is gorgeous and doing just what a good cat should do - inspecting new arrivals!!!
    LOVe your jazzy cups - I would love to join you for a coffee in these! They will add some Spring zing to any kitchen!
    I'm also admiring your very pretty floral cups on your side bar!
    Visiting from Claudia's party.
    Hugs for you and Audrey!
    Shane ♥

  30. Beautiful teacups! Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home!