Saturday, October 25, 2014

What's up with the critters?

Our Kane seems to be improving as each day goes by and was out and about for a walk on Friday. It was a beautiful day, sunny and warm. The sound of him crunching leaves and tottering along did my heart good. I know that this disease will take a toll on him because of his age but just getting him out for his daily walks will keep him a happy dog.

Sierra spent the morning on the deck while I cleaned up the front of the house and gathered up one million leaves.
                                     Worshipping what's left of Fall's warm sunshine.
She still loves the mailman.
Annie is never far from Lily. I think she fancies herself to be her nurse-maid. She's such a good cat with a big heart for those that need comforting. Lily is heading into her 19th year now and she needs watching over.

and lastly, Audrey. I asked her if I could please take a picture for the blog folks.
Here you go...

Did I ever mention she hates the camera?

Do you have a tradition on Halloween night that brings together the family?
Here's one that we enjoy and never tire of no matter how many times we watch it.

The Movie....                                      Hocus Pocus
These sisters always make me laugh.

I have a scarf to finish and a hot chocolate to make on this cool & windy October night.

Stay toasty,


  1. Good to see Kane on the mend.

    Audrey hates the camera? Why am I not surprised?

  2. My tiger is like that.....nurse maid to everyone!

  3. So glad that the little, old gal, Lily, has someone who cuddles with her. I'm sure she misses Ed, as we all do. Will you allow Sierra out and about at the new place? Maybe a catio? That's my dream. I adopted a little semi-feral and love her to bits but can't stop her from trying to escape outside. Glad Kane is getting better. Enjoy the fall weather. Soon winter will be here.

    1. Maybe an outdoor enclosure, Mary. There is a lot of wildlife there. :(

  4. Good to see Kane out and about. I love Sierra's relaxed claw on deck. And dear Annie is a sweet carer for your precious Lily. I didn't realize Audrey hates the camera. Glad you snapped her quickly for the post. Have a great Sunday. Jo

  5. Oh my gosh so nice to see a kindred spirit that loves Hocus Pocus as much as i do... I love Practical Magic too. You? Hugs! deb

    1. Hi jinxxxgirl - We all love Bette Midler and find her so funny in this movie. Actually all the ladies are great. But, no, not a fan of practical magic.

  6. Audrey's a poser....AND...I should know the symptoms...HeHe!

    Leaves! Leaves....Yes! I've had a million and one...Of them.
    Still with the current winds we've been having, has'nt taken
    long for them to fall. My Virginia Creeper looks quite barren
    now! Shame!

    Pleased to hear Kane, is so much better now!

  7. Taking a sunbath, the dream of a cat !

  8. Abigail is our nurse...if anyone is feeling under the weather, she is there quietly watching.
    Jane x

  9. What a blessing it is to have these beautiful autumn days before winter sets in! Love those gorgeous leaves you are walking in! Hugs to all the four legged furries!

  10. So happy to see Kane feeling better. I love Annie and that she is the caretaker! Sweet Lily needs someone to cuddle with now and it does my heart good to see it's Annie. Sierra looks so happy in the sun and Audrey...well what is there to say about her...she is a hoot even if she doesn't mean to be!

  11. I always watch Hocus Pocus on Halloween! So much fun.
    Glad Kane is doing better!

  12. Fun photos of all the "kids" but I'm especially glad Kane is doing well.

  13. Son una monada me encantan los gatos. Ha estado un regalo el visitar tu bloc, he encontrado cosas muy interesantes, te invito a visitar el mio y disfrutes del post de esta semana decorando el otoño como yo disfruto haciendolo, y si te gusta me encantaria que si no eres seguidora te hicieras para seguir compartiendo nuestros blogs

  14. Hi Deb, I had to catch up to see what is happening to Kane. I'm glad he is doing a little better. It is so hard to see our dear friends faltering, but age will do that to all of us. Hope he continues to heal and enjoy his walks. Love to see that Audrey is up to her old tricks!..Happy Monday..Judy

  15. Aw, I love that Annie stays close to Lily. Lily must so appreciate that... Bless her their little kitty sweet hearts.
    And wouldn't a catio be awesome out at your new home! Great thought!

  16. One of my favourite films too! It was on TV yesterday afternoon and of course I watched it!
    Glad the animals are o.k xxxxx

  17. How sweet that Annie sticks close to Lily! And that sassy Audrey...she's a cat and a half! There is nothing like petting a cat that's been warming in the sunshine, like Sierra. Glad to hear Kane is better! We also raked up eleventy million leaves, and the trees haven't even started yet!

  18. Ah, soaking up the autumn sunshine and snuggling close. A purrfect season! Purrs...